In these peculiar times when people are walking more than usual many are interested in finding new local walks.
My website, Walking in Cornwall, has loads of walks available for free download and printing.

John Harris www.walkinginengland.co.uk/cornwall
01920 822887

Added 01/03/21

Pastoral letter - December/January 2020/2021

Jesus, the Light of the World

There’s a lovely story about a Vicar who was leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land ...

            Whilst he was there, and when browsing in one of the many souvenir shops, he came across a beautiful wooden Nativity set.  Thinking to himself that the one in the church was a bit tatty and forlorn, he bought the Nativity set.  It was too large for him to take it back to the UK as hand luggage, so he arranged for it to be shipped to The Vicarage.
Several weeks went by before the large box containing the Nativity set arrived.  The Vicar, with fond memories of that pilgrimage, opened and unpacked the cardboard box with excitement and eager anticipation: there were the beautifully-carved olive-wood figures of Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, the donkey, the sheep, the cattle and the crib.  But there was no Baby Jesus!   Amongst all the packaging, all the wrapping, the Baby Jesus was nowhere to be found.
Fast-forward to December of that year: The Vicar, having been distracted by other parish matters, and having put the box containing the Nativity set up on a shelf in his study, realises that it’s time to prepare for the Christmas services.  So he takes the box down from the shelf, opens it and there, right on top of all the packaging ..... is the Baby Jesus!  A miracle!
The Vicar was so excited that he rushed out of the Vicarage, ran across the lane to the parish office, flung open the door and announced (with arms raised): “I’ve found Jesus!”; to which the church secretary replied: “And about time too, Vicar.”
We don’t normally expect much from a new-born baby, knowing full well that he/she will need to be loved and cared for, 24/7.  But this Baby turns the tables on that concept: because it is this Baby who loves and cares for us, 24/7.             
My prayer is that you will find Jesus this Christmas - perhaps for the very first time.  Or maybe you feel that you’ve lost Jesus in all the ‘packaging’ of life, in which case my prayer for you is that you will find him again.  Miracles do happen; and Jesus, the Light of the World, is the one who can bring 24/7 light and hope to today’s troubled world.  

Revd Deirdre
01326 281178

Pastoral Letter, October 2020

At this time of year our thoughts turn to harvest and Harvest Festivals, and although we know that the food we eat is actually harvested throughout the year, the familiar and much-loved strains of ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ and ‘Bringing in the sheaves’ echo in our ears - even if we’re not allowed to sing them in Church or Chapel at the moment because of Covid.

In my garden, it’s been a good year for runner beans, peas, courgettes and tomatoes, and it’s been a pleasure to gather the fruits of ‘my’ labour – I say ‘my’ labour because I am well aware that any successful harvest is due entirely to the wonder and mystery of God’s providence – ‘... by God’s almighty hand’.  It has nothing to do with my husbandry!

The verb ‘to gather’ has several different meanings, not just the gathering-in of fruit and veg.  We are a ‘gathering’ people.  For the most part, we like to gather together: whether at a football or rugby match to support our team; at the school gate; in pubs and clubs – the wish to gather together is in our DNA.  Which is why so many of us find it so upsetting, confusing and distressing that we can’t gather together as usual at the moment.  As I write this, the ‘Rule of Six’ has just come into force and there may well be further ‘circuit-break’ restrictions in place before this magazine goes to print.

The verb ‘to gather’ also means ‘to understand’.  ‘To understand’ is a major step towards ‘coming together’ – and the universal coming-together/gathering-together is what our Creator God longs for each one of us and for His world.  Right now, we may not understand why the whole world is being afflicted by Covid-19.  Right now, we may want to point the finger of blame on whomsoever: countries; governments; presidents; prime ministers; individuals.  But right now, we need to gather together, understand together the real needs of our Covid-broken world and respond together in a way that helps to heal not only the Covid virus, but also helps to heal the very many divisions in our world.

If together we prayerfully do this then, by God’s grace, together we will reap a harvest, a gathering, a unity far beyond our human understanding.


Revd Deirdre
01326 281178

The Lizard Argyle U18s Football Team are welcoming new players to join their squad for the forthcoming 2020/2021 season.

Added 01/05/20

There is no God
There are absolutely countless numbers of persons all over the world who firmly believe that there is no God.  It is highly likely that you know someone or you may even be one of them yourself.  There is a name for this particular belief it is an ‘atheist.’

One of the World’s Leading Atheists was Antony Flew.  In half a century he wrote more than 30 books on his belief that there is no God.  Flew was not just anybody, he was a highly intelligent man.  In fact he was a British Philosophy Professor and a leading champion of atheism.  In 2004, the world press, radio and television had a field day, because this notorious leading man on atheism changed his mind, saying “there is a God!”  If you want to find out what changed his mind you can find out by reading his book THERE IS NO/A GOD ISBN 978-0-06-133530-3

What do you believe?  Of course you can go on your I Pad or I Phone and tap in such things as ‘Is there an Almighty God? Etc.  Or, if you are ‘a wind up watch in a digital age’ like I am, you can turn to the Holy Bible or confide in a Christian friend or a known biblical scholar to check out your belief.  One fact is certain, this is a personal matter and the final belief cannot be made for you.  After weighing up the pros and cons, we have to make the final decision for ourselves.  This is a subject that we should not ignore, but give very serious thought to.

Speaking as a Christian who believes that there is a God, just like millions of other people throughout the world, I firmly believe that our Almighty God loves everyone, and His desire is for everyone to come and have a close personal relationship with Him right now. Then eventually, continue to live with Him in everlasting life [eternity] in Heaven. Instead of eternal death, meaning the second death that the Bible states as hell, which is separation from God.   

Howard Bray, Associate Member of Ambassadors for Christ. Tel. 280459
email: f.bray11@btinternet.com                                                                                                                                                             

(From the Beacon February 2019 - added 25/01/19)

Lizard Pilates
Monday: 6pm – 7pm Pilates – Landewednack School Hall Contact Lynne Wise 290360 or 07754 891897.
I am a Body Control Pilates certified teacher offering daytime and evening classes in The Lizard and Mullion. I discovered Pilates when I had a stressful job and low back pain. It helped me become calmer and stronger, and my back pain resolved. I love sharing it with others to help people move more freely and efficiently and feel happier in their own skin. 
Please contact me if you would like to have a chat about how Pilates could help you.
Lynn     Tel: 07754 891897
Email: lizardpilatescornwall@gmail.com Facebook: Lizard Pilates

(Edited 29/11/18)

Poppy Appeal
Dave and Kim Walker have agreed to take on Jeanette’s work doing the poppy appeal.
Please let them know if you would like to order a wreath.
There will be poppies and other merchandise available, as previously, from local businesses.
Please ring them on 290147 or email Kim kim.j.walker@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks.
(Added 25/09/18)

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(Added 02/02/18) Also see below.

The Lizard Chapel: Our popular Soup and Sweet events continue from 12-00 until 2-00 pm on each first Thursday of the month (added 01/02/18).

Thank you everyone: £173.10 was raised for The Children’s Society at the Christingle Service - Deidre (added 01/02/18)

Mullion Health Voluntary Cars (added 01/02/18)

Get better without using antibiotics (added 01/02/18)
In the winter season, we all get coughs and colds, but we need to get the right treatment for these common illnesses without encouraging antibiotic resistance.
What are antibiotics? Antibiotics are important medicines used to treat infections caused by bacteria. Bacteria can adapt and find ways to survive the effects of an antibiotic. They become ‘antibiotic resistant’ so that the antibiotic no longer works. The more often we use an antibiotic, the more likely it is that bacteria will become resistant to it. Some bacteria that cause infections in hospitals, such as MRSA, are resistant to several antibiotics.
Why can’t different antibiotics be used instead? They can, but they may not be as effective, and they may have more side-effects. And eventually the bacteria will become resistant to them too. We cannot be sure we will always be able to find new antibiotics to replace the old ones. In recent years fewer new antibiotics have been discovered.
How should I treat my cold? The best way to treat most colds, coughs or sore throats is to drink plenty of fluids and to rest. Colds can last about two weeks and may end with a cough and bringing up phlegm. There are many over the counter remedies to ease the symptoms – paracetamol, for example. Ask your pharmacist for advice. If the cold lasts more than three weeks, or you become breathless or have chest pains, or already have a chest complaint, see your doctor.
What about my children, they’re always getting coughs and colds? It’s very common for children to get coughs and colds, especially when they go to school and mix with other children. Ask your pharmacist for advice. If the symptoms persist and you are concerned, see your doctor but you shouldn’t expect to be prescribed antibiotics.
Why should antibiotics not be used to treat coughs and colds? All colds and most coughs and sore throats are caused by viruses. Antibiotics do not work against infections, such as colds, caused by viruses. Viral infections are much more common than bacterial infections.
How can antibiotic resistance be avoided? By using antibiotics less often we can slow down the development of resistance. It’s not possible to stop it completely, but slowing it down stops resistance spreading and buys some time to develop new types of antibiotics.
What can I do about antibiotic resistance? By only using antibiotics when it’s appropriate to do so. We now know that most coughs and colds get better just as quickly without antibiotics. When they are prescribed, the complete course should be taken in order to get rid of the bacteria completely. If the course isn’t completed, some bacteria may be left to develop resistance.
So when will I be prescribed antibiotics? Your doctor will only prescribe antibiotics when you need them, for example for a kidney infection or pneumonia. Antibiotics may be life-saving for infections such as meningitis. By not using them unnecessarily, they are more likely to work when we need them.
Further information can be found on the following website: www.nhs.uk/antibiotics

Could you recycle and compost more? (added 01/02/18)

Find out more at www.cornwall.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/recycling-rubbish-and-waste

Chapel News (added 01/02/18)
The roast meal at Chapel in December, superbly cooked and served by Rachel, Christine and Thora, was well attended and much enjoyed by all .January was Soup and Sweet and from February this it will be changing to the first Thursday of the month so please note that February's will be 1st Feb. All are welcome, payment is a donation in the box, come and join us for a time of fellowship and good food!

Open The Book
The team enjoyed taking the Nativity story into school in the weeks before Christmas and were thrilled to be asked to attend the school play to see their acting skills, we could learn a thing or two from them!  In this term we are telling stories of Jesus's ministry beginning with the call of the disciples and the first miracles he performed. Whilst the team is made up of local people from three Churches we do not preach to the children but tell the story and finish with a moral message e.g' It is good to have friends who will help us when we need them'. If anyone would like to know more please do phone me on 290280.            Joy Prince

(Added 01/02/18) Natural England is launching an exciting campaign in order to support the management of the National Nature Reserves in Cornwall (The Lizard NNR and Goss Moor NNR).
We are looking for local media to share our project.
Please see our official press release here and poster below. Click on the poster to download a pdf of it, which can then be saved and/or printed.

More information at: www.easydonate.org/neng002
Follow us at @NE_DCIoS
We are here to secure a healthy natural environment for people to enjoy, where wildlife is protected and England’s traditional landscapes are safeguarded for future generations.

A Lizard Bird Diary: (added 23/10/17)

Readers of ‘Lizard Lives’, especially those with an interest in the natural history of the Lizard, may like to know about my new, recently-published book, ‘A Lizard Bird Diary’. It summarises 45 years of fieldwork and systematic study of the birds of the area in which we live.
I first came to the Lizard in 1970 and have lived in the village since 2001. I have witnessed many changes during this period and so my book has an inevitable historical perspective but also serves as a comprehensive guide to what species you are likely to see and when they occur.
There are maps, many charts and photographs plus a small selection of my own artwork and in all 270 species are covered. It has been printed in a limited edition of 500 and all copies are signed.
If you are interested it costs £25 and is available directly from me at alizardbird@yahoo.com or Amazon UK, the NHBS or locally from the Post Office, the Lighthouse Gift Shop and Ann’s Pasties Shop where there is a display copy.

New Website - Marconi Centre (added 23/10/17)

The Marconi Centre was asked by the National Trust to create a website for visitors, mostly with mobile phones/iPads as opposed to the site for Radio Amateurs.
I have therefore created this very simple basic website http://marconi-centre-poldhu.org.uk

Virginia Malcolm

Suicide Prevention: (added 23/10/17)

Leaflet here

An excellent and reliable scheme for those residents who have problems with transport for specific appointments: (added 23/10/17)

(Added 23/10/17) Did You know …  The facts.  Speed is one of the main factors in fatal road accidents.
You are twice as likely to kill a pedestrian at 35 mph than at 30 mph.  Road deaths are ranked above malaria globally as a cause of premature death.

Please Think Safety as you drive in and out of our village, there are no pavements, yet children walk along the road from the new houses at The Triangle; it’s dusk now when they return from school. The difference of a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death. The faster someone is driving, the less time they have to stop if something unexpected happens.
What if it was one of your family walking on the road, or your neighbours? You can’t put value on a life ..…   Speed limits are there for a reason.

DO YOU HAVE TIME TO SPARE? (added 23/10/17)
For example:


If you have answered “yes” to these questions, you may be interested in learning about our new project in the Mullion and Lizard areas. 
We are setting up a voluntary car service in Mullion, Cury, the Lizard and surrounding areas to transport elderly and frail patients to their GP appointments at the Mullion Health Centre and its surgeries at Ruan Minor and the Lizard and also to hospital and other medical appointments further afield.  Before we can get this off the ground we need sufficient volunteer drivers, so this is a plea to drivers in the area who have time which they can give to this worthy cause.  This would be ideal for those who work part-time, or those who have recently retired and are looking for something to occupy their new-found spare time, and which would be so worthwhile.  You will use your own car, and will be paid a ‘not-for-profit’ mileage allowance to cover your running costs.  You can offer as much or as little time as you wish - any time you can give to this will be welcome.  If you have some time on your hands, what better way to give something to the community than by helping a local charity?
Most of the journeys will be on weekday mornings and afternoons, and it is absolutely fine if you can only do certain days of the week.  Alternatively, you could volunteer to do just one or two trips each week.  You would be giving your time free on a completely voluntary basis, so you will have control on how much time you would be prepared to give to this. We hope to have this new project up and running by the New Year, sooner if things go really well.  If we are going to achieve this, we really need your help. What better way to give something to the community, and make new friends?
If you are interested in volunteering, or even if you simply wish to have a chat to learn more about the project, please call me, John, on 01326 240042.   Alternatively, you could call the Practice Manager at Mullion on 01326 240212. 

(Added 23/10/17) Apologies to Robin - in the August Lizard Lives page 31, he is between Steven Johns and Taff Powell.  Also in October magazine, page 41 should read Joan Farnsworth not John. Thank you for that information.

Carers Forum Meetings (added 23/10/17)
Many people help look after a loved one, neighbour or friend, often without looking upon themselves as a carer. The Kernow Carers Service recognises the important contribution and commitment of carers and offers them support through a number of Carers Forums throughout the county.
The meetings give carers an opportunity to discuss the services they receive and raise any concerns or issues they have or need advice about in regards to their caring role. All carers will receive a warm welcome at the meetings and be able to meet others who are in a similar situation, so please come along and find out more about the help and support that you can get.  The next meeting of the Helston Forum will be held on Thursday 'date to be advised' from 2-4pm at the Helston Community Fire Station, Redruth Road, Helston, TR13 8NR.  All carers are welcome and expenses will be considered to enable them to attend. 
For further information please contact Chris Perry (Forum Administrator) on 01872 243530 or email: Chris.Perry@cornwallrcc.org.uk

(Added 29/09/17)

Sunday Sundae: In September we celebrated 5 years of our young people's group held during the Service on each 2nd Sunday of the month. Every young person who had attended during the year was presented with a book, so well done to Emily, John, Poppy, Kerensa, Amy, Ben and Zoe. Special congratulations were given to Amy and Zoe who had attended each session in the year. Any young person from 3 years old are welcome to join us for 45 minutes of stories, games and activities based on the Bible.

Joy Prince (added 29/09/17)

Bass Point: A decade on duty
Watchkeepers from the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) Station at Bass Point on the Lizard gathered recently at Mullion Golf Club to honour Graham Perry, who has also served the NCI at Nare Point, for his 10-Year Long Service Award.   Graham lives in Mawgan-in Meneage.

NCI provides an essential service to everyone using the coast and those out at sea, including fishermen and yachtsmen, and Bass Point was the first ever station, established in 1994.

The long service award was presented by Adrian Boaden, representing the Goonhilly Wind Farm Community Fund, as Guest of Honour.  Bass Point Station was fortunate to be awarded two grants in 2016 totalling £6,000 from the Fund to improve the facilities at the Lookout Building.

Adrian Boaden said: “The watchkeepers at Bass Point provide an important service to the walking and seafaring communities around the Lizard, often in the most difficult weather conditions.  It gives me great pleasure in presenting this award to Graham Perry for his dedicated service.   Bass Point Station is in the business of saving lives and I admire what they do.”

Bass Point Station Manager, Peter Clements, added: “It’s hard to run a lookout like Bass Point without the help and dedication of people like Graham.   We are always keen to welcome new members to the team and anyone who is interested in becoming an NCI Watchkeeper should contact me by email – pclementscornwall@gmail.com.”

For further information contact:
Peter Clements - 07790 531857 or pclementscornwall@gmail.com
Robert Wright – 01326 241208 or robertatcompton@btinternet.com
Ross Durkin – 07946 738203 or rossdurkin@gmail.com

Energy Efficiency Grants for Cornwall Householders available:

Click above to download pdf of brochure.

I am Rosie Foster and I manage Kernow Young Carers for Action for Children. I also manage another service, Cornwall Family Intervention Project. I have worked for Action for Children for 9 and a half years in Cornwall; I started my career as a teacher and taught all age ranges for 15 years before working with very young children and their families when Children’s Centres were first being developed. I really enjoy the work that I do and like to develop new ideas and see how we can work together to support children, young people and their families in the best way possible, using new ideas, and some old ones too, whichever we find work best.   
01209 204565

Landewednack Church (added 28/07/17)
The Church Flower Festival Committee says “thank you” to everyone who created the most beautiful flower arrangements for the weekend celebrations. Also thanks to: all the musicians who provided wonderful entertainment on the Saturday; everyone who helped with stewarding throughout the long weekend; and those who came to visit the church and donate. The money raised was £217.

Polpeor Artist Gallery Lizard Point (added 28/07/17)
Art by Nature
Wildlife and nature is a popular subject matter and in the southwest with its mild climate we are fortunate to have such a variety both above and below the sea.
Variety in art
We welcome all artistic mediums from the 2 dimensional to the 3 dimensional, from wood workers to ceramists, printmakers to pastel painters and many more will take up residencies.
In August you can see - Tess Challenger; Sue Emms; and Fiona Foster.
Also, see below.

Edwin & Maureen have lived in Wynwallow Cottage ever since they got married 53 years ago and it will be a great wrench for them both to leave. Maureen came from St Keverne - she was born at Touch-me-Pipes just outside St Keverne. As well as collecting for the Poppy Appeal each year, Maureen has cleaned the church for many years; and they both have been members of the Lizard Methodist Chapel since they got married. Maureen’s father was a Methodist preacher. Edwin was born in The Lizard; he was choir boy and bell ringer at church; and Postman for many, many years. A great conservationist, he has done a lot of work down at Church Cove over the years, planting hundreds of trees, putting up bird boxes etc - he has done these things in his own quiet way. Mary
We will miss them very much, but wish them every happiness in their new home.  Rob and Sue - added 26/06/17.

Edwin & Maureen (click to enlarge)


Polpeor Artist Gallery Lizard Point
The UK’s most southerly gallery, uses an extremely old building, that had been unused for decades. Thanks to grants and donations, the old storage point for lifeboat equipment, pre - 1914, has been restored for use, made possible by a collaboration with the National trust and local wildlife artist Ian Griffiths. In June, the artists in residence will be - Pippa Davey, Dee May, Jennie Everett, John Horton and Dee McCoull; showing their Natural history, or natural landscape work, relevant to the British Isles. Why not go down, visit them and see them at work?
Also, see above.

Kernow Carers:
Many people help look after a loved one, neighbour or friend, often without looking upon themselves as a carer.  The Kernow Carers Service recognises the important contributions and commitment of carers and offers them support through a number of Carers’ Forums throughout the County.  The meetings give Carers an opportunity to discuss the services they receive and raise any concerns or issues they have or need advice about.  
All Carers will receive a warm welcome at the meetings, so please come along and find out more about the help and support that you can get.
Next Meeting:
To be advised

Please ring 01872 243531 for all the rest of the information, including location details.
Contact name: Sylvia Johnston, Chris Watkin
Contact position: Forums Administrators
Telephone: 01872 243531; E-mail Sylvia.johnston@cornwallrcc.org.uk Chris.watkin@cornwallrcc.org.uk
Notes: Please note that travel and car parking expenses can be paid to enable carers to attend their local forum.

From Harry Thirlaway-Price (added 29/05/17)
I would like to thank everyone who went out of their way to help me go to America this year. 
The trip was an overall success with my team going further than the college has ever done and making it to the semi finals of the most prestigious Youth football tournament there is. We were narrowly defeated in the last 5 minutes of extra time in the semi final game. Had we won that, we would have reached the final and played at the Toyota Stadium - home of FC Dallas. So we were disappointed! However coming this far was an amazing achievement for us all. 
All your support allowed me to make history with the college and I'm thankful for that. 
The trip was life changing and I never wanted to come home! It was the best week of my life and I can't put into words how much the generosity of people meant to me. 
My next goal in football is to gain promotion with Lizard AFC and become a better player every day. 

Once again thank you!


A letter from Len Trott - about the Post Office (May 2017):

    I think it might help you if I clarify a few points, starting with “Community Office” status.  This is a former Sub Office which still operates under its former Contract complete with the Core Tier Payment, which is the official name for the subsidy which a “Local” model does not have.  It is only given where the existing Office is effectively the last shop in the Village, or where there is no other business deemed to be capable of taking on a Local.  In this Village there are several businesses (not just Jeremy) with premises which are deemed to be such; the fact that they are all seasonal is irrelevant; they could,with a suitable business, be capable of opening all year round and supporting a Local.  I cannot imagine any seasonal business would be prepared to open for an extra 6 months for a paltry £6,000, but this just goes to prove just how stupid the criteria laid down actually are.

    Whatever type of contract a Post Office is on, the contract will cease on resignation of the holder.  In the case of a Community Office, Post Office Ltd. (POL) will issue a new Community Office contract to a suitable prospective purchaser of the business.  By default, this Office is currently effectively operating as a Community Office.  As things stand at present, if or when I decide to retire, the contract will cease with my resignation.  A prospective purchaser would only be offered a Local contract, and only if he could satisfy POL that his proposed business would be capable of supporting a Local; effectively it would have to be viable and capable of surviving in its own right without a PO counter.  This is one reason why we have not put it on the market.  Another reason is that I would be very surprised if Royal Mail did not transfer the Mailwork to Helston if the Office became a Local.  The Mailwork is part of the salary is actually significantly more than the transaction related payment, it is almost as much as the Core Tier payment.  While a  Community Office with the Fortress Counter and the secure area within such as we have at present is perfectly capable of handling a Sorting Office, a Local, with a small open counter attached to the end of a normal shop counter and not permanently manned would not be able to provide sufficient security for the Mailwork.

    The above would apply to any retailer, large or small, who might be interested in buying the existing PO, it would no longer be a PO unless POL would award them a new contract subject to the aforementioned conditions being met.  I have actually approached Dave Slade who Head of Store Recruitment for SPAR operations in the South-West.  They would not consider buying the whole property themselves (as Co-op are doing in Mullion) because of its relatively small Retail Area together with its situation away from the centre of the Village.  Any prospective purchaser wishing to operate the place as convenience store with a Spar (or similar) agency would also have to convince them of the viability of the proposed store before they would be awarded an agency.  I will be happy to pass on Dave Slade’s contact details to anyone interested, likewise contact details for Lewis Horn or Marie Tighe who is the Network transformation field Consultant for the area.  There still seems to be a general lack of understanding about why we are in this situation, and what can (or cannot) be done.  I am also happy to explain this to anyone interested, but I realise that anyone not directly involved will find it very difficult to understand in depth.

    I’m sure that Derek Thomas will do his best, but I suspect that the bottom line is that POL cannot do anything outside the criteria laid down by the government as there will be no finance available for anything that does not fulfil the requirements, this is why there can be no exceptions at present.  I think this is going to be the case until this programme ends next March.  I would like to hope that there might be some plans being developed for then.  I believe there are some 400 or so other “No Solution” Offices like us, and our conditional notices of resignation all expire on 30th. September this year.

    Watch this space!