Landewednack Parish Council

The next Parish Council Meeting will take place on Thursday 14th October 2021 at Landewednack Community Primary School at 7.30 p.m.

A Landewednack Parish Council Meeting was held on Thursday 9 th September 2021 at Landewednack Community Primary School at 7.30 p.m.
Minutes will be posted onto the Parish Council website – www.landewednackparishcouncil.org.uk.


From September 2021 Lizard Lives:

The village is so busy this summer with many people enjoying this beautiful part of the country for their ‘staycation’. Recognition is due to the local people whose hard work is both keeping the village functioning and providing services for the exceptionally high number of visitors.

It was good to see the Recreation Ground on Beacon Terrace hosting the Lizard Funday on Sunday 15th, and a good time was had by all. Well done to the Community Group for organising this. All of the Parish Councillors are Trustees of the Lizard Recreation Ground Trust, which is a registered Village Green.

Other events including Concerts and the Vintage Car Rally are arranged for later in the summer and it is good to see the village facilities being utilised. Please contact The Clerk if you have an event in mind.

Request from the Parish Council

The Parish Council is aware of an application made by a member of the public to Cornwall Council, (as Commons Registration Authority).

The application is about the land known as ‘The Green’ in the centre of the village.

This land is owned by the Parish Council and is registered as Common Land.

The application relates to the time immediately before 28th June 1968 and is saying that the land was mistakenly registered as common land rather than a village green.

Any member of the public was allowed to make such an application up to 31st December 2020.

The Parish Council, as land owner, will be responding to this application.

A copy of the notification was posted by Cornwall Council on the site. Copies are also posted on the Parish Council noticeboard and website.

The Parish Council would like to receive any evidence of the use of this land before 28th June 1968 to help in formulating their response.

Please forward to clerk@landewednackparishcouncil.org.uk
Many thanks.


From August 2021 Lizard Lives:

Landewednack Parish Council met on 8th July 2021 for the Annual Meeting. Councillors unanimously elected Cllr Bernie Kessell as Chair for 2021-22.

This was the first meeting for the new Parish Councillors, following the election on 24th June 2021, and the first meeting to be held in person since early in 2020. New Councillors signed their Acceptance of Office declarations and will now undergo training in their new roles. All names and contact email addresses are shown on the Parish Council website – www.landewednackparishcouncil.org.uk

There followed a ‘usual’ Parish Council meeting although acting under advice from Cornwall Association of Local Councils, the meeting covered essential areas only. A full meeting will be held on September 9th. High on this Agenda were notifications and requests for various events that will be taking place in the village over the next few months.

The Clerk had been notified of several dates and has been given permission to set up a ‘Parish Diary’. This is to help events in the planning stage, to network and to avoid the dates clashing with others that are already being planned. Please do contact the Clerk if you are looking to arrange an event so that this central register can be kept up to date. (clerk@landewednackparishcouncil.org.uk).

Cornwall Community Land Trust will be addressing the new council with regards to the Affordable Housing project, and a working party will be set up.

The Council resolved to support the ‘20’s Plenty for us’ Road Safety Campaign and the Speedwatch initiative will be going ahead soon.

The lifting of Covid restrictions will see the village return to some form of normality, although visitor numbers are already high, with many choosing ‘staycations’ and visiting our lovely part of the world. Several of the new councillors are working throughout the summer season and will be juggling this with their commitments to Council business and to training. It is good to have 9 Councillors on board and The Clerk would like to thank them all for standing for election.

Heather Singleton - Landewednack Parish Clerk