Landewednack Parish Council

Parish Council Update (From March 2021 Lizard Lives)
As many people will be aware, the Parish Council’s previous Clerk retired in early 2020 and the Council was fortunate to recruit Heather Singleton, who lives in the Village, as its new Clerk last March. As part of her appointment, Heather undertook to complete a Clerk’s higher qualifications. Within only a couple of months, Heather achieved the Level 2 ILCA (Introduction to Local Council Administration) certificate, and by December 2020 she had successfully completed the Level 3 CiLCA course, gaining her Certificate in Local Council Administration.
CilCA is an important certificate for a Parish Council Clerk as it is a foundation qualification which tests whether the Clerk has a broad knowledge of all the aspects of a Clerk’s work – roles and responsibilities, the law, procedures, finance planning and community involvement.
In particular, it helps the Clerk to:
 Make confident, informative decisions for the council and its community
 Advise the council on its duties and powers
 Adapt to changing circumstances
 Ensure the council is compliant with proper financial practices
 Set a vision for the future for the council and its community
 Respond to questions and problems with a dynamic, ‘can-do’ attitude
 Advise and support the council as it identifies and implements plans for the future.

Also, CiLCA forms part of the criteria for the Council to exercise the General Power of Competence. This is significant as the General Power of Competence (GPC) is an important legislative statement that Councils have the power to do anything an individual may do, provided it is not prohibited by other legislation.
Heather’s achievements have been accomplished in a remarkably short (possibly even a record!) space of time, and show her dedication to the Clerk’s role and our Parish. Many congratulations and a very big vote of thanks to her from us all.

Landewednack Parish Council Vacancies
Are you interested in the life of your village, your environment, recreational facilities, planning and housing issues to name but a few areas, and would like to get involved in making a difference in your community, then we want to hear from you.
Landewednack Parish Council currently has Councillor vacancies. These vacancies have been advertised previously and now that we are easing our way out of lockdown, we are advertising these positions again to the community. Over the past few months we have all had to adapt, with the Parish Council being no exception. We are now able to hold Parish Council meetings online and resume the hard work we undertake for our community.
We invite applications from anyone in the village who would like to join the current team of Councillors and work with us for the benefit of the village.
If you would like to put yourself forwards for the role of Councillor please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance who will provide you with further details of the role and the application process.

Parish Council Update (From December 2020 and January 2021 Lizard Lives)
As we continue the year with a second national lock-down, Landewednack Parish Council continues to hold its monthly meetings online via Zoom.  At its meeting of 12th November, Cllr Carolyn Rule updated the Parish Council that Cornwall Council is still offering support and help for anyone that needs it during this difficult period.  For Covid-19 related enquiries or requests for support please email covid19@cornwall.gov.uk or telephone 0300 1231 118.  Cornwall Council also has a new support team set up which will be contacting individuals in Cornwall who have tested positive for Covid to ensure that they know who to contact if they need any support or help during their period of self-isolation.  This service is in addition to the National Test and Trace service.    

Advice was received that The Recreation Ground play park and the Public Conveniences on The Green can remain open, although it is important that all users remember to follow the current Covid-19 guidelines.  Please note that only the accessible toilet will remain open during the winter period.

The Parish Council received an update from a parishioner who had circulated a questionnaire around the Village regarding uses of The Green.  The parishioner advised the Council she had received a number of positive responses.  The Parish Council reflected that the questionnaire had not been delivered to all households and stakeholders within the Village and therefore Cllrs could not accept it as a fully representative view.  The PC reiterated that it had previously discussed and resolved at Council some years back not to pursue an application to change the designation of The Green from a registered common to a town or village green.

The Parish Council discussed options for a new bicycle rack, to be sited by the public conveniences and agreed that a flower planter combined with cycle rack would complement the area better than a concreted stand. 

Cllrs heard that progress continues to be made to transfer the land known as Landewednack Parc, the green space between The Triangle and Per Kithen, into Parish Council ownership.  Once this transfer is completed Cornwall Council will arrange the construction of a footpath across the land for easier access through the field during wet weather. 

The Parish Council also welcomes a new Councillor, Ann Muller, who was co-opted at the November meeting, and looks forward to her input. The Parish Council still has vacancies for Councillors to be co-opted, and further information on this is available from The Clerk.
The next Parish Council Meeting (on Zoom) will be on Thursday 10th December, starting at 7.30 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend. The Zoom code will be published with the Agenda.  Any further joining instructions will be available by emailing the Clerk - clerk@landewednackparishcouncil.org.uk or by telephone: 07852 535689.  Further information, including the Agenda and Minutes is available on the website www.landewednackparishcouncil.org.uk and also on the Parish Council Facebook page.