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March Quiz Dem Bones (and other bits)
We've all got one. It's with us from the day we are born to the very end, and while it can sometimes malfunction, it's the only one we've got, so best take care of it. But how much do you know about your body? Is it a mystery to you, or can you name every little part?
1. What is the thigh bone called?
2. Where would you find the cochlea?
3. What is inside the bones - where the blood is manufactured?
4. The heart has four chambers. Two of them are auricles, but what are the other two?
5. Which is the biggest internal organ?
6. What are the phalanges?
7. What is the coloured part of the eye called?
8. Where are the tonsils?
9. What is the hard substance on the outside of the teeth?
10. Which organs are concerned with breathing?
11. How many tiny bones are in the ear?
12. What is the name of the main vein in the neck - of particular interest to vampires?
13. One of these three bones is in the leg. Which one? a. Ulna b. Fibula c. Mandible.
14. What is the name of the small organ embedded in the liver, which produces bile?
Thanks to Hilary Hoad

Lizard Lockdown story competition

Winner of the middle age group: Jack
The judges loved the fishing references and how catching a pollack is better than a gold coin!
"Imaginative winner whose enjoyment of telling a story came through to the reader. Great idea. The development of Joe’s character hooks the reader in so that the Sea Dragon seems very real."

"Joe Walker and the Sea Dragon" pdf.

2nd prize went to Zevi
Judges said, "Zevi - Excellent and once again keeps to the brief of a short story which is difficult to write. Well structured and therefore holds the reader’s attention and is well written. A good ending. Drawings in beautiful colour. Best drawings in the competition."

"Big Blue" pdf.

Third place of the middle age group: Maisie
"This story has immediate pace and verve. Highly imaginative. Winnie, the dog, is an unusual heroine and the Firebird is an exotic creation which holds the attention. Well deserved place."

"The Case of the Missing Firebird" pdf.

Lockdown Competition winner of the oldest age group: 11-16 year-olds first prize to Anna.
She was judged to be a talented young writer!
"Her story stuck to the brief of a short story, which isn't easy, without curtailing it and told a tale which was very captivating and descriptive with a very good command of language."

“An Event on The Lizard” pdf.

This won the second prize for the Lockdown story competition for the oldest age group: 11-16.
Emma - "A budding crime writer has delivered a good but somewhat gruesome short story. Belle is well drawn and gets her just deserts so it has a moral message - Do as you would be done by."
Enjoyed by all the judges.

"The Bells Ring for Murder" pdf.

"The Time that Tarni Ran Away" pdf.

"Based presumably on a true event?? the writer captures vividly the anxiety of the family when Tarni disappears. Tarni is described well and the solution to her waywardness is neat."

Harold equal 3rd place of the top age group with Percy.

"Lucky Escape" pdf.

"A more factual take with very good reportage including newsworthy photographic evidence! The fate of the little calf grabs the reader and sighs of relief were taken at the end."

'Lucky Escape' - Very mature, documentary-style writing.

March 2019 Quiz (added 01/03/19)
So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye ...
Britain is due to leave the European Union at the end of this month. How much do you know about our European neighbours?
1. Is Scandinavia in the north or south of Europe?
2. Which Mediterranean island's capital is Valletta?
3. Eurotunnel links which two countries?
4. Flemish is an official language of which kingdom?
5. The Left Bank generally refers to the Left Bank of the Seine in which city?
6. Which country was divided into East and West between the 1940s and 1990s?
7. The Strait of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean with which Sea?
8. Which mountainous European country is divided into cantons?
9. Portugal lies east of which ocean?
10. Which country is also called the Hellenic Republic?
11. Majorca is part of which group of islands?
12. Tuscany is part of which country?

February 2019 Quiz (added 23/01/19)
Love is in the air
The first letters of the answers to these questions spell out a topical word. So the last question is what is that word?
1. If roses are red, which flower is blue, according to the popular rhyme?
2. Which bird is the symbol of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)?
3. Which parish do we live in at the Lizard?
4. What was the name of King Henry VIII's only son?
5. Which is the commonest gas in Earth's atmosphere?
6. Which metal 's ore is called Cassiterite?
7. Who is the goddess of rainbows?
8. What was the fur of the coypu called? It is also another name for the animal itself.
9. Who was the son of the gods Aphrodite and Ares?
10. What word do the initials of these answers spell out?

Answers to February Quiz (added 01/03/19)

1. If roses are red, which flower is blue, according to the popular rhyme? Violets
2. Which bird is the symbol of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)? Avocet
3. Which parish do we live in at the Lizard? Landewednack
4. What was the name of King Henry VIII's only son? Edward
5. Which is the commonest gas in Earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen
6. Which metal's ore is called Cassiterite? Tinstone
7. Who is the goddess of rainbows? Iris
8. What was the fur of the coypu called? It is also another name for the animal itself. Nutria
9. Who was the son of the gods Aphrodite and Ares? Eros
10. What word do the initials of these answers spell out? VALENTINE

February Quiz (added 02/02/18)
1. Who had a 1978 hit with “Love is in the Air”?
2. Who was the Greek goddess of love?
3.In which US city did the 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day massacre take place?
4. ‘My Funny Valentine’ is a show tune from which Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart musical?
5. Who, in the title of a Shakespeare play, are Valentine and Proteus?
6. Which British band had a 1988 hit with a single entitled ‘Valentine’?
7. Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne?
8. What kind of flower is traditionally given to symbolise love, in this country?
9. Which 1950’s English pop singer had hits with ‘Finger of Suspicion’ and ‘Christmas Alphabet’?
10. Where do you "wear your heart" if you are quick to show your feelings?
11. Who was the first woman in space?
12. True or false: Doves mate for life?

Euchre Novice (added 02/02/18)
At the beginning of the Summer 2017, my friend Jacqui and I decided we wanted to learn to play Euchre, a popular Cornish card game. We both like cards (our husbands do not!), and it was an excuse to spend time in the pub with J and socialise with new people. How hard could it be? Only cards from 9 through to Ace of all suits plus a Joker are used, with 5 cards in a hand. We trotted down to The Witchball Pub in the Lizard, where teaching of the game was offered on Wednesday evenings. Well, when our patient (and various) mentors started to teach us the game, Jacqui and I looked at each other in bewilderment – was this a card game or a foreign language class? With talk of the Benny, Bowers – nay Right and Left Bower, Outside Aces, and Rags, Trumps, Sleeping hands, Dropping your Partner and Commandments, we were flummoxed. Then there was the scoring! At that point, Jacqui and I were almost running for the hills, but after being dragged back by our shirt tails and being reassured that scoring did not matter at this point, we decided to give it a go. We did find it confusing to say the least at the start, and thought we would need notebooks with lots of pages to write down things we needed to remember, but actually, it’s not that difficult to pick up and it’s a really fun game. The Joker is called the Benny, and is the highest card in any hand – it automatically becomes the top of the suit chosen as trumps. Then the Jack of the trump suit (Right Bower) is the next highest card. Next comes the Jack of the suit of the same colour as trumps, which becomes a trump (Left Bower), followed by the Ace, King, Queen, 10 and 9. The 10 and 9 are Rags, because they generally are not of very great use. So, the game is played with 4 players, 2 sets of partners who sit diagonally opposite each other, and virtually follows the rules of Trumps. If you want to know exactly how to play, you will have to come along to the Witchball on a Wednesday night at around 8pm to learn. The most difficult thing to remember is that the Jack of the same colour suit of the trump, morphs into a trump itself. That tripped us up time and again. Once we became reasonable at actually laying the cards down, we had to start learning tactics, and the dreaded scoring. I’m sure if I have any of that wrong, there will be plenty of players to set me straight. The experienced players who were teaching us were brilliant. They were patient and kind, even though we suspected they were silently pulling out their hair in frustration. Anyway, as the Summer went by, we became more adept and thoroughly enjoy our weekly games. We must have been more reasonable than we thought, (or the league team must have been scraping the barrel in desperation) as Jacqui and I were both asked if we would be reserves for the team during the Winter League season. We both said yes and were quite excited. As we felt about learning, we thought – how hard can it be? You know when you watch a quiz show on the TV and you know all the answers, and the contestants are struggling? They all say “it looks so easy when you are at home just watching the programme, but it really isn’t” Well that’s how it is playing a match versus a friendly game in the week. When I played my first game, I actually felt as nervous as if I was taking a driving test. What if I was rubbish? I might let my partner down, I might let the team down!
When I started the first game of my first match, instead of just playing instinctively and naturally, I doubted every card I played. Should I play this, should I play that, what should I do, what shouldn’t I do? I found myself repeating to the opposition like a parrot “I’m a novice, I’m a novice”. Everyone was very kind, team mates and opposition, and I very quickly relaxed. I really learned in that first match too, something I hadn’t quite thought of when it doesn’t matter. If you do not have good cards, there is nothing you can do about it. If you have good cards but play them wrongly, you can lose a lot of points. Jacqui and I can’t be doing too badly (or the team is still desperately short of reserves) as we have both been asked to play a few more times. Very generous of the Captain we feel. I love this game and can’t get enough of it, and the social aspect that goes with it. I can’t speak for Jacqui, but I think she feels the same way. Thank you Witchball and players for giving me the opportunity. Janet Waring

Christmas Quiz 1. After leaving Bethlehem, to which country did Joseph, Mary and Jesus travel? 2. What colour are mistletoe berries? 3. How many points does a snowflake traditionally have? 4. What are the gifts that the Three Wise Men gave baby Jesus, according to Christmas history? 5. Which ornament is on the tip of every elf’s shoe? 6. Who was the author of A Christmas Carol? 7. Does the Bible tell us that Mary rode on a donkey to travel to Bethlehem whilst pregnant? 8. Stollen is the traditional fruit cake of which country? 9. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck? 10. Who were the first visitors to Mary and baby Jesus? 11. Which Christmas food is it considered good luck to eat one of on each of the 12 days of Christmas? 12. Which type of tree was the partridge sitting in, according to a well-known Christmas song?

Answers for December Quiz - winners Gerald & Sheila 11/12 1st in ; Vicky 12/12
1. After leaving Bethlehem, …. Joseph, Mary and Jesus travel? Egypt
2. What colour are mistletoe berries? White
3. How many points does a snowflake traditionally have? 6
4. What are the gifts ….. Gold, Frankincense Myrrh
5. Which ornament is on the tip of every elf’s shoe? Bells
6. Who was the author of A Christmas Carol? Charles Dickens
7. Does the Bible tell us that Mary ….Bethlehem whilst pregnant? No
8. Stollen is the traditional fruit cake of which country? Germany
9. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey’s neck? Wattle
10. Who were the first visitors to Mary and baby Jesus? Shepherds
11. Which Christmas food ... 12 days of Christmas? Mince Pies
12. Which type of tree was the partridge sitting in ..? Pear

November Quiz (added 23/10/17)

1. Why is Remembrance Day the 11th November?
2. The old soldiers that wear a distinctive bright red uniform are called?
3. Why was the poppy chosen?
4. How many soldiers died in World War One?
5. When was the poppy adopted as the symbol?
6. Remembrance services often feature The Last Post. Which instrument is it normally played on?

Answers for November Quiz - 1. Why is Remembrance Day the 11th November? Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. 2. The old soldiers that wear a distinctive bright Red uniform are called? Chelsea Pensioners 3. Why was the poppy chosen? World War I poem "In Flanders Fields". 4. How many soldiers died in World War One? Over 16 million 5. When was the poppy adopted as the symbol? In the spring of 1915 6. Remembrance services often feature The Last Post. Which instrument is it normally played on? The Bugle

October Quiz - and September answers (added 23/10/17)

September Quiz (added 25/08/17)

Place names in Cornwall beginning with St (answers above)

1.Twenty four hours
2. They stoned this man (in the Bible)
3. A man’s name—the first part of where a lion may be
4. You row with these and inform
5. Half way down your leg and reverse to
6. How, what, why and ????
7. K O R E C B
8. In your mouth
9. Woody ??
10. Cleopatra’s lover
11. Add Y to a fire
12 Make tea and let it ? and part of a hospital
13. Inter a lady
14. Not misty
15. High ranking pillar
16. High rank of less importance
17. The Ground
18. Sheep
19. Bodmin is one, but plural
20. Add an M to a church instrument

Answers to sue@randswheeler.plus.com

We already have the first answers – through my front door – the magazines only went out yesterday and today! Well done Gerald and Sheila! – All correct too ….!
Who else can get them?

Answers to August Quiz below:
1.What does Fred Flintstone wear around his neck?  A. Tie
2. Who are Bart Simpson’s sisters?  A. Lisa and Maggie
3. What is the name of Postman Pat’s cat? A. Jess
4. What are Bagpuss’ two colours?   A. Pink and White
5. Whose companions were Rigadon and Tico? A. Willy (or Phileas) Fogg in 80 Days around the World.
6. The Cylons featured in which Sci fi series?  A. Battlestar Galactica 
7. Which show had Mr. Bennet as the caretaker?  A. Take Hart

Winner - Carol and Jowan all correct.

August Quiz (added 28/07/17)
1. What does Fred Flintstone wear around his neck?
2. Who are Bart Simpson’s sisters?
3. What is the name of Postman Pat’s cat?
4. What are Bagpuss’ two colours?
5. Whose companions were Rigadon and Tico?
6. The Cylons featured in which Sci fi series?
7. Which show had Mr. Bennet as the caretaker?

July Quiz and answers (added 28/07/17)
1. Which TV series is set in ‘Summer Bay’? Home and Away
2. Who wrote the 1957 novel ‘On the Beach’? Nevil Shute
3. What was the name of the holiday camp in ‘Hi-de-Hi’? Maplin’s
4. On which Hebridean island is the airport on a beach? Barra
5. Where did Billy Butlins open his first holiday camp in 1936? Skegness
6. Which Spanish Costa is located north of Barcelona? Costa Brava
7. What is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the UK? The Pepsi Max Big One on Blackpool Pleasure Beach

June Children’s Quiz (added 28/07/17)
Each answer is just one letter!
1. A large amount of water. 
2. A vegetable
3. A line of people
4. A query
5. A Scottish river
6. Part of a verb to be
7. A tree
8. A busy insect
9. An affirmative
10. To be indebted
11. A Devonshire river
12. A meal
13. A bird
14. A human organ
15. An American exclamation

1 C.    2 P.    3 Q.   4 Y.   5 D.   6 R.    7 U.    8 B.     9 A.     10 O.      11 X.   12 T.    13 J.    14 I.   15 G.

June Adults Quiz
Movie Quotes, who said, and in which film?
1. How’s Duckface?
2. ...if it’s not alright, it’s not the end!
3. Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?
4. We have been given our parts in the Nativity play. And I’m the Lobster!
5. Mordor! I hope the others find a safer road.
6. Resolution number 1: Obviously will lose twenty pounds.
7. I’ll have what she’s having!
8. O Captain, my Captain.
9. Life is a box of chocolates.
10. Right turn Clyde.

1. Fiona/Kristin Scott Thomas in “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.
2. Sonny/Dev Patel in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.
3. Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher in “Star Wars”.
4. Daisy/Lulu Popplewell in “Love Actually”.
5. Frodo/Elijah Wood in “Fellowship of the Ring”.
6. Renée Zellweger in “Bridget Jones’s Diary”.
7. Estelle Reiner in “When Harry met Sally”.
8. Tod Anderson/Ethan Hawke  in “Dead Poets Society”.
9. Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump”.
10. Philo Beddoe/Clint Eastwood and Lynn Halsey - Taylor/Sondra Locke in “Any Which Way You Can”.

May quiz (added 28/07/17)

Birds 1. P-n-u-n 2. G-l- 3. F-l-a- 4. G-i-l-m-t 5. R-z-r-i-l- 6. P-f-i- 7. G-n-e- 8. P-l-c-n 9. T-r-s 10. A-b-t-o-s
1. K-n-n-e 2. K-n-a-k 3. C-v-r-c- 4. G-d-e-y 5. P-a- 6. P-r-a-p-r-h 7. M-r-z-o- 8. P-r-h-u-n- 9. S-n-e- 10. H-r-y-
Flowers 1. L-l- 2. H-l-y 3. J-s-i-e 4. D-i-y 5. P-p-y 6. R-s- 7. I-i- 8. V-o-e- 9. D-f-o-i- 10. C-r-a-i-n

Answers May Quiz

Birds Penguins, gull, fulmar, guillemot, razorbill, puffin, gannet,  pelican, terns, albatross.
Beaches Kynance, Kennack, Coverack, Godrevy, Praa, Perranporth, Marazion, Porthcurno, Sennen, Harlyn.
Flowers Lily, Holly, Jasmine, Daisy, Poppy, Rose, Iris, Violet, Daffodil, Carnation.

May Drawing Competition: They all won so went on the front of May Lizard Lives, rather reduced in size!

Drawn by Anna, aged 11 (left), drawn by Poppy, aged 11 (middle) and drawn by Gabriella, aged 10 (right)
Click to enlarge

Front cover of May 2017 issue 8

April Quiz - HAPPY  EASTER
How many 3 or more letter words can you make from those two words? Prizes for whoever finds the most by the 18th April sent by email and on paper.
Also which 2 names, that are books in the Bible, can be made using those same letters?

Answers to April’s Quiz (added 28/07/17)

Answers to the Easter quiz - most came on paper so well done Jeanette, Angie and the winner Steve with 185; and by email Hilary 160.
However, in total, 223 words found … ape, apt, are, art, ash, asp, ate, aye, ear, eat, era, eye, has, hat, hay, her, hey, pap, par, pat, pay, pea, per, pet, pry, pye, rap, rat, ray, rye, sap, sat, say, sea, see, set, she, shy, spa, spy, sty, tap, tar, tay, tea, tee, the, thy, try, yap, yea, yes, yet, yeh, apse, area, ayah, ayes, ease, east, easy, espy, eyed, eyes, hare, harp, hart, hash, hasp, hate, heap, hear, heat, here, hype, papa, pare, part, pash, past, pate, path, pear, peat, peep, peer, pert, pest, prat, pray, prep, prey, pyre, rape, rapt, rash, rasp, rate, rate, reap, rest, sate, sear, seat, seep, seer, sham, spar, spat, spay, star, stay, step, stye, tape, tear, teer, thee, they, trap, tree, tsar, type, tyre, yate, yapp, yeah, year, apart, arete, aster, ayres, earth, eater, erase, ester, ether, happy, harpy, haste, hasty, heart, heath, hyper, paper, party, pasha, pasta, paste, pasty, pater, patsy, pease, peaty, peter, phare, phase, prate, repay, sayer, shape, share, sharp, shear, sheep, sheer, sheet, spare, spate, spear, sprat, spray, stare, stear, steep, steer, strap, stray, style, taper, taser, tears, teary, terps, tease, terse, there, three, traps, trash, yeast. apathy, appear, astray, easter, hearse, hearth, heater, heresy, herpes, pastry, pester, phrase, prepay, preset, reheat, repeat, shaper, Sherpa, sphere, steppe, tapper, teaser, appease, ashtray, hearsay, parapet, perhaps, preheat, reshape, stepper, therapy, appeaser, preshape.
And the 2 names of Books in the Bible are Esther and Peter.

Photo competition – the best local photos present or past. The best ones will be displayed here. Contact Sue: sue@randswheeler.plus.com

Kynance (photo by Ced T) - click to enlarge

Kynance Cove 1st February 2015 (photos by SJ) - click to enlarge

How many animals can you find in this very silly story?
Some animals might “hide” between or inside words!

A children’s author sells spidery stories about kangaroos and wallabies, listening to the cricket, using lemon keyboards. Woodpeckers arrive, flying in artistic rows. A bomb, earthquake and explosion cause trouble as such impishly bad ogres playing scrabble set off the catastrophe. They have new tricks, eating the ostrich’s enormous eggs whilst listening to hifi shenanigans. Craters surround the land over into a distance. No sheepish behaviour allowed for the cheetahs or gnus. Elephants and gazelles cause more trouble, when they have a go at the chickpea cocktails and broccoli on toast, with their spaghetti, gert plateful of it. Giraffes prefer ducking out, displaying their grief, roguishly squirrelling sausages and ham; I certainly am bemuddled! Rhinos are horrors for playing chicken on roads wantonly avoiding pelican crossings when pumas, cougars and mustangs worm their way past. Snakes and scorpions are hiding in maize branches. Dwarf oxen hear bad eerie noises as they romp through the pages with abandon; keyhole surgery for duckbilled platypus and hyenas, who in their grief, roguishly wolfed a rabbi. Taken for a scam, electrically bad germs are found in Fulham. Sterling work was done on a redundant wall. A macaw listens to music owned by The Beetles, Eagles, Wasps and Bats. How lovely!

Prizes for anyone finding 70 or more different ones!
(Note there are 4 that are in twice and 2 in singular and plural form! Some are very friendly and share a letter!)

Answers - download here (added 24/03/17)

75 different animals (or 76 if you count - mouse & mice!) quite a few were in more than once! – like frog, duck, hen, ant.
1st prizes to Joan - on paper; & to Hilary - by email!
Answers in order of appearance:
horse, spider, kangaroo, wallabies, cricket, monkey, boa, boar, woodpecker, fly, crow, bear, kea, ass, chimp, dog, crab, cat, newt, ostrich, mouse, fish, rat, eland, dove, toad, sheep, cheetah, gnu, elephant, gazelle, hen, goat, chick, peacock, lion, tiger, giraffe, duck, frog, squirrel, mice, emu, rhino, chicken, swan, pelican, puma, cougar, mustang, worm, snake, scorpion, zebra, fox, oxen, deer, donkey, duckbilled platypus, hyena, wolf, rabbit, camel, badger, hamster, ling, ant, llama, macaw, cow, bee, beetle, eagle, wasp, bat and owl.

February Quiz:

We still have had no answers in to this February quiz (26th February) – but there will be a prize for anyone who gets the most right!!

Rob and Sue’s Christmas anagrams: download pdf – Congratulations to Hilary (online) and Sheila (paper) on being the first to get all the answers to the Christmas anagrams. They both had small prizes!
The answers to the Christmas anagrams are:- Father Christmas; Presents; Sugar mice; Pudding; Tinsel; Snowman; Mistletoe; Reindeer; Stocking; Sleigh ride; Snowballs; Turkey; Christmas tree; Manger; Jingle bells; Pantomimes; Santa Claus; Roast chestnuts; Star of Bethlehem; Three wise men; Baby Jesus; Yule log; Angel Gabriel; Decorations; Carol singers.

November Quiz: Who will have a “go” at this one below?

1. Who is just “round the corner” from Trenoweth Meadow?
2. Italian car maker’s second name?
3. How many chimney stacks on the Lighthouse building?
4. The name of a newspaper ...
5. How many flags fly on a calm day at Bass Point?
6. Enlarges the voice!
7. What are the flags which are flown at Bass Point?
8. Reflection of sound waves.
9. What is the round red sign next to the defibrillator?
10. Who wrote Tubular Bells?
11. How long to walk from Tregullas to the Lighthouse?
12. Expressing pleasure at a performance.
13. What prevents the wind from stealing menus?
14. First name of one of a tragic couple in 1594.
15. From answer 13 - what is written on them?
16. Dominant male!
17. Whose names are written above the number 290676?
18. Which is this quiz?
19. Some “visitors” came about 11th June - what are they?
20. First name of hilarious silent movie star.
21. How many of the “visitors” are still around/visible?
22. Again! 3rd time ...
23. What connects all the even numbered questions above?
24. So what is it?

Local knowledge needed for most of the odd numbered questions.

Sue’s first quiz: download pdf

We welcome any other ideas for competitions!