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The Lizard Brownies (added 22/07/21)
A total of 8 girls made their promise and became Brownies during July. The older girls had made stained glass candle jars so that the ceremony could still take place by candle light but we used battery candles for safety as we were in the barn. Due to Covid we were unable to invite parents so Barn Owl took several photos of each girl by the toadstool and pond as they made their promise and these were given out to them the following week.

The best news is that Hazel gained The Brownie Gold Award, the first one in this district and we are so proud of her. As expected she also was awarded Brownie of the Year for 2021 and was presented with a shield and the customary teddy. We are sad to see her go as she continues her Guiding adventures with Mullion Guides but know there are many younger girls who will follow in her footsteps next year.

We finished the year with a circus themed morning which included circus skills activities and ice cream. We return to the farm on Sat 11th Sept at 10-30 with a few new faces. If your daughter is 7 or over and wishes to try Brownies do please give me a ring on 290280. If you have a daughter who is younger please feel free to put her on our waiting list so that she may come to Brownies when she is old enough. Joy Prince


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 08/12/20)

Our Saturday morning meetings came to an abrupt end on 31st October.

The girls had carved their pumpkins and proudly took them home with every intention of meeting again on the first Saturday in November to think about Remembrance. As everyone will be aware, that didn't happen!

As I write this we are still uncertain when meetings can resume. We have to wait for permission from the government and Girlguiding, but let's hope it will be 5th December when we hope to begin some Christmas activities that also encompass recycling, as we are working towards the 'Zero Waste' badge.

We will finish on Saturday 19th December and hopefully resume on Saturday 9th January. As our numbers are still restricted to 15 plus adults, we are still unable to accept any new girls at the moment, but we do have a waiting list, so if there are any girls between the ages of 7 and 10 years who would like to give us a try, get in touch and they will be added to the list and contacted in due course.

Brown Owl - Joy Prince 290280


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 08/10/20)

Brownie meetings resumed outside on Saturday 26th September and will continue on forthcoming Saturdays for the time being.

They will be from 10-30am until 12-00 noon and held at Tregullas Farm in the yard. We have a dispensation from the 'rule of 6' but are restricted by Girl Guiding to 15 girls plus Leaders for now. This means we do not have any spaces for new girls to join us at present.

At our first meeting Milli-Rose was presented with 2020 Brownie of the year, with Hazel and Freya as runners up.

Thank you to Barn Owl (Ellie) for the hard work she put in from March until we came back face to face Guiding, in putting activities and challenges on our Facebook page for the Brownies to complete. Lots of badges were completed during lockdown and we are well on our way to awarding our first Brownie Gold Award of the new programme introduced last year.

Congratulations to Tawny Owl and her husband on the birth of Baby Owl, Rowan during lockdown - I have put her on the waiting list!

If anybody wishes to support our Brownie Pack, please visit the book stall at the farm, in the small barn opposite the cafe/shop entrance. You can either swap a book or take and give a small donation. Proceeds are shared between Brownies and Scouts. As a village we are lucky to have both of these organisations for the young people here and from surrounding villages.

Joy Prince 290280


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 01/03/19)

After a very busy beginning to the year we have been able to enjoy some fun activities. We are lucky here in The Lizard to have some dark clear skies so we had a stargazing evening when all were able to identify the three constellations we had mapped out on black paper with sticky stars.

Chinese New Year was a fun celebration with curried noodles, prawn crackers and seaweed on offer (the latter not going down too well).

The Brownies made paper pigs (it is the year of the pig!) and dancing dragons on paper straws as well as Happy New Year cards in Chinese.

The next week was the day before Valentines day so they made Heart mobiles. We finished with games after more practising for the Music Festival which is fast approaching.

Tawny Owl has just returned from several weeks in Japan and has planned the next two weeks for us which I am informed include wasabi flavoured Kit-Kats,--- I think I prefer the seaweed! We may have two spaces after Easter if there are any other girls who would like to join us, please get in touch.

Brown Owl... Joy Prince tel. 290280


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 25/01/19)

Taken on Pack Hols at the YHA before Christmas (click to enlarge)

December was a short month but we packed a lot into it! There were plenty of Christmas crafts and games (the Christmas pudding race being an annual favourite!) and on the 7th-9th we were lucky to be allowed a weekend 'Pack Holiday' at The Lizard Youth Hostel. Our theme was 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We were able over the weekend to watch two versions of the film and discuss which we preferred. Crafts included 'White Witches crowns' with card fur fabric and sequins, they became our serviette holders for meal times, 'Aslan wash sponges' from yellow sponge sheets with a round soap stitched in the middle and a face drawn on in indelible pen and the surround fringed like a mane. Brown card wardrobes with a picture of the lamp post at the entrance to Narnia gave a good place to collect all the crafts. The one they enjoyed the most though was covering compressed card boxes with copydex and making patterns with string in the wet glue then covering with silver foil to achieve an  embossed silver box just like the one given to Edmund by the White Witch. It was even tied with a green ribbon, and they made peppermint and rose flavoured Turkish Delight to go in them, just as in the story. Hopefully the girls will have many happy memories of the weekend and it was a good exercise in independence and learning to live together in harmony, which they did!

During January we have had plenty of games and designed a badge for the County Sleepover to take place in May as well as beginning practising for Truro Music Festival. Having won it for the last 7 years the pressure is on to make it 8 years in a row. We also took part in a UK wide event when all Rainbows, Brownies and Guides were given the chance to watch the new Mary Poppins film all at the same time, 9-30 on Saturday 19th January. There is a special badge to commemorate this event for all who took part.

Our unit is currently full but we do have a waiting list so please get in touch if your daughter is interested. 

Brown Owl    Joy Prince tel. 290280


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 29/11/18)

In November we were very grateful to Bernice Putt for giving up her time to take the girls through C.P.R. as well as other components of the First Aid badge. Even the younger girls had a go and now feel they do know what to do in an emergency. We have spent the other weeks re-iterating the procedure for 999 calls but this time in asking for an ambulance rather than the fire brigade as last month. We have played games based on the First Aid badge and have had candle light promise ceremonies for those who have joined us since September.
Most of the Brownies attended a Remembrance Service either here in The Lizard or in their own village, and we had a chat about the sacrifice people made in the past and are currently still making in wars around the world. They were able to look at the display in Chapel put there by Thora which sparked some of the very thought provoking conversations.
Plans are under way for our Brownie Pack Holiday which most of the girls have signed up for in December - more next month on that!
Joy Prince.   
(Brown Owl)


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 29/11/18)

It's been another busy month for the Rainbows, starting with a very special Halloween themed promise party for our newest members, who made their Guiding Rainbow promise on 31st October. Well done to all!
We returned after Half Term to continue building skills and learnt the very important art of tying our own shoelaces. The following week we found out about the Five Girl Guiding World Centres which are located in Switzerland, Mexico, India, Africa and London and had great fun learning about the culture in those countries and dressing up. Robin shared with us that she had visited Our Chalet in Switzerland and her favourite memory was playing in the snow, so we had a snowball fight so we could recreate the fun!!
We are now looking forward to getting ready for our Christmas fair which will be held in Mullion Chapel on Saturday 15th December. We do hope you will join us.         Linnet (Lynne) and Robin (Kathryn)

If you are interested in your daughter joining us please do give Lynne a call 01326 290681


1st Landewednack Brownies (From October Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)

We began a new term on 12th September, meeting in the Reading Room as the Art and Craft exhibition was being held in the Chapel. All the girls returned apart from the older ones who had moved to Guides, and we welcomed three new girls too. An evening of 'getting to know you' games and learning names through craft and games went down very well. The next week we introduced this half terms badge which is Fire Safety. We talked about possible causes of fire in the building and the most sensible escape routes, then had a fire drill much to the amusement of some German tourists who happened to be passing as the Brownies lined up against the wall out side. Other requirements of the badge are knowing what to do if they need to phone 999,how to escape a smoke filled room and how to deal with someone who's clothes are on fire. We have arranged to take the Brownies to Mullion fire station to complete the badge. There have been instances,  in other parts of the country, of quite young girls saving lives because they have learned what to do in the event of a house fire at Brownies and while we hope for our girls it will never be needed, it will be good that they know what to do.        Brown Owl.    Joy Prince.


1st Landewednack Brownies (From May Lizard Lives - added 17/05/18)

We finished last term with two weeks on Easter crafts and cards. On our last evening we celebrated my Long Service Award with a large chocolate cake. It seemed only right after 50 years of leading Brownie Packs that the current Brownies should help me celebrate. We also had 5 girls make their Brownie Promise. We make this as special as possible and so have the ceremony by candle light. That makes looking in the pool, (a mirror) as in the Brownie story, very special as the girls see themselves as Brownies and see their badge glinting in the candle light.
We have started the new term with a visit to Tregullas Farm to welcome lambs and kids with everyone who wanted to, getting the chance to hold them.
Next week we hope to visit Churchtown Farm to see the calves and chicks. This is all towards the Animal Lover badge which includes pets, farm animals and wild animals. Maisie and her Granny brought two tortoises and two guinea pigs to meet us for the last part of our meeting and this week Freya will be bringing her dog (the first of many) to say hello. Several girls from Rainbows have joined us and also a new girl to the village. We hope they settle and enjoy their time with us. Brown Owl: Joy Prince.


1st Landewednack Brownies (From April Lizard Lives)

Our last meeting in February had to be cancelled due to inclement weather, so we had to revise our plans for the Mothering Sunday craft which had been planned (at least we are ready for next year!) as we now only had one week to prepare and not the two we had set aside. The girls all made decorative card baskets containing chocolates. We hope the chocolates reached Mums! Our next week was give over to practising for Truro Music Festival. We had to provide a selection of camp fire songs lasting eight minutes. We began with the traditional opener for all Scout and Guide camp fires 'Camp fire's burning' then went into five songs based on animals/birds which showcased two part singing in some, before finishing with again the traditional end song ' Go well and Safely' which faded as the girls left the stage area until three remaining Brownies sang the last line and the repeat on their own. We had taken our model campfire complete with lighting effects to reproduce as far as possible an actual camp fire. Each song was introduced by a different girl and the adjudicator was very complimentary about them. We achieved 82 marks out of a hundred and so brought the trophy back to the village for the eighth time in a row. Well done to all the Brownies who came to Truro, thank you to parents who transported and supported us, but most of all' Thank you' Tawny Owl for teaching the Brownies the songs and conducting on the night. The term will finish with Easter games and crafts for the last two weeks, then after the Easter break we will begin the Animal Lover badge.
Brown Owl. Joy Prince.


1st Landewednack Brownies (From March Lizard Lives)

February is a short month, made shorter by Half Term, but we still managed to slot a lot in.
We have continued, and now finished, the Brownie Traditions badge which has included discovering the make up of the Union Jack and why it is so called, designing a uniform for the future and having fun with games and puzzles. Alongside working towards the badge, we are also practising for Truro Music Festival. There is a Camp Fire Singing class which we have entered for the last seven years and indeed have won for the last seven years! Our marks have varied between 82 and 91, so we have a tradition of our own to uphold and strive each year to do better - wish us luck in March when we go to Truro and sing our hearts out!
One evening, one of the Brownie’s parents brought in their new tiny puppy for the girls to see and meet. This sparked a conversation about pets and the girls decided they would like to work towards the Animal Lover badge. This is all inclusive, it is not a requirement that each girl owns a pet but is willing to research a pet she might wish to own, or indeed a wild animal that she can observe in her garden. If there is anyone who has an unusual pet they would be willing to introduce to the girls please do contact me. Or if anyone has contacts with an animal charity who would be willing to come to a Wednesday meeting, again, please get in touch.
Joy Prince tel 01326 290280.


1st Landewednack Brownies (From February Lizard Lives - added 01/02/18)

December was a busy month as we began with a weekend sleepover with a Christmas theme. We were very lucky and extremely grateful to Rachel at the National Trust and Jo and Chris at Y.H.A. for allowing us to use the Lizard Youth Hostel, so thank you very much. We began with a walk, then into the hostel for a week end of crafts, games, cooking and a film night. Each girl made her own Christmas stocking and left them in the lounge overnight where the leaders filled them (and hid them) for the girls to find next morning. Everyone helped to make fairy cakes and stained glass biscuits as they were entertaining parents to afternoon tea on Sunday. All the Brownies helped to get the meals and clear away. It was a good way to bond with the girls, for them to learn a little independence and begin the run up to Christmas. We hope to have another Pack holiday soon. The next weekend we joined with Rainbows, Guides and Rangers to have a Christmas challenge day and earn a challenge badge.  Over the next two weeks the Brownies made candle decorations for the Chapel window sills and also put up and decorated the tree in Chapel to say thank you for using the Chapel on Wednesdays. Our last week before Christmas was our usual party of food and games. January has been spent working towards the Brownie Traditions badge. This shows the girls how activities, games, uniforms etc have changed since Brownies were introduced in 1914, but also how some thing have not changed much at all! We were joined by three girls from Rainbows and two more who are new to Guiding so at the moment are full but we do have a waiting list for anyone interested in joining us.     Joy Prince (Brown Owl)


1st Landewednack Brownies (From December 2017 & January 2018 Lizard Lives)

The second half of this term began by marbling a sheet of card with glitter paint (messy but very effective) to make a cover for a notebook which they also made.  We also had games based on colours, all part of the Artist badge. The next week we concentrated on Remembrance with games and also every girl writing a card to put on the Brownies wreath, then two were chosen, one for the front and one on the back. Some of their thoughts were quite profound for their age. The Brownies were pleased to be asked to take part in the prayers during the Service on Remembrance Sunday and we played a game based on that. We finished with a favourite of most of the girls (maybe not the leaders, as it is rather raucous) Indoor Hockey.  We are going to turn conkers into dolls house chairs this week, so if you see a few girls with bandaged fingers you will know their hammer and nail skills need some attention! Also we hope to begin to make Pinyatas for our Christmas party at the end of term, as they need many layers of paper and glue (another chance for getting messy!).                  Joy Prince


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 23/10/17)

The girls are working hard for their Seasons Badge (Autumn)  and so far this has included making clay hedgehogs and learning about animals and hibernation, making blackberry and apple crumble and decorating with fabric pens a material key ring purse, after playing a game based on photographs taken from this years Country File calendar.  Some of the pictures on the purses were very like some of the photos. We were fortunate that Snowy Owls fiancee is country side officer at Penrose Estate and we were able to hold one Wednesday meeting at the Estate, pressing apples and drinking the resulting juice, as well as playing apple bobbing. The evening finished with a walk through the woods as darkness fell. Barn Owl will be leading an evening star gazing and making their own constellation viewers to finish the half term.
Brown Owl Joy Prince Tel. 290 280


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 29/09/17)

We began the term on Wednesday 13th September in the Reading Room because the Art Exhibition was in the Chapel. One girl had moved up to Guides but was replaced by a Rainbow who moved up to Brownies. A few girls seem to have fallen by the wayside during the summer break but I have yet to hear from their parents if they intend to return to the group!  Congratulations to Neve and Mailli who start their term as sixers (leaders of their little groups) and to Poppy and Hermione who are now seconders. Our first meeting explored 'Para', we talked about Para atheletes and the Para Olympic games. They played Parachute games and made Para cord bracelets. Some were simple plaits but the older girls managed more difficult knotting techniques. We have to say good bye to Snowy Owl (Elsa) who is off to university during September but we welcome Tawny Owl (Beth) so our complement of leaders stays the same.   We have one or two places for any girl between the ages of 7 and 10 who would like to try us, please phone first as we sometimes meet in other locations depending on the planned activities.

Joy Prince tel. 290280


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 28/07/17)

20 girls completed their Enviroment badge the last clause being to take part in a beach clean. Along with Rainbows, Guides and Rangers we met with Rachel from the National Trust on Poldhu Beach and cleared several black bags full of rubbish particularly plastic. A B.B.Q. followed with every one being very careful not to drop any litter! The two younger units finished with parachute games and went home at 7-00pm while the older units had a campfire and toasted marshmallows to make Smores.   We finished the year with a treasure trail around the village finishing at Tregullas farm for Unicorn ice creams and end of year presentations. Congratulations to Poppy on becoming 2017 Brownie of the year with207 points. Zoe was runner up with 200 points. Congratulations also to Rosenwyn and Poppy who did not miss a meeting for the whole year - a great achievement.  Beth was welcomed as our new leader in training and will be Tawny Owl and we said goodbye to Emma who will move up to Guides in the new term. We now intend to have a rest, recharge our batteries, and look forward to a new year and new challenges in September. The new term begins on Wednesday 13th Sept.  
Brown Owl.(Joy Prince)


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 25/06/17)

We are currently working towards the Environment badge and hope to complete it before the end of term. The girls had a lot of fun playing a conservation game in teams plus a few strenuous running games based on endangered animals. One evening was spent at Tesco taking part in the Sustainability Farm to Fork workshop. They learned about depleted fish stocks ( and tasted three different fish ) also they looked at labels on some of our food items e.g. Fair Trade, Dolphin friendly and M.C.S. as well as finding out how far some of our foodstuff has travelled. In the fresh fruit isle they were taught how a monkey opens a banana! I'm glad to say none of the Brownies used their feet to open the bananas they were given! A few Brownies attended Church Parade at the Chapel to celebrate the Chapel Anniversary and sang one of the songs from the Truro Music Festival during the service.  
Brown Owl (Joy Prince)


1st Landewednack Brownies (added 28/05/17)
We began our Cornwall Badge when we resumed after Easter. This has involved learning a few Cornish words, exploring the legend of St Piran and the Cornish Cross. The girls were taught the Flora Dance and played games based on Cornwall's Coat of Arms. We had an evening at Tregullas Farm where the girls began a small flower garden, planting out Lily of the Valley plants and also planting pumpkin seeds to grow for Halloween. We have had a quiz based on a map of Cornwall, two games based on a lighthouse and will finish the term by making their own cream tea to take home. Hopefully all the girls will have gained their badge and also learned something about this wonderful place we are lucky to call home. Our pack numbers are a healthy 24 at the moment, but we can always find a place for any girl between the ages of 7-10, who would like to join us.  Rainbows for girls meet at the Chapel on Wednesdays from 4-30 until 5-30, finishing just before Brownies and Guides meet at Mullion Chapel from 7-30 until 9-00, so if any girl would like to try any of these groups please do get in touch.    

Joy Prince (Brown Owl)  
tel 290280


Brownies - news update: (added 24/03/17)

The Brownies have had an exciting time recently. The 22nd February is an important date in the Guiding and Scouting year.

Both Lord Baden Powell (the founder of the two movements) and his wife Olave shared their Birthdays on that date. As Scouting and Guiding spread world wide it was decided to have a day when those members in more affluant countries could think of those in the rest of the world who struggled financially to enjoy the programme. A 'Thinking Day' Fund was set up and on or near that date all Scout and Guides, Cubs and Brownies, Beavers and Rainbows are encouraged to think about members in other countries and if possible to raise money to send to the fund.

The Guides and Rangers who meet in Mullion and the Brownies and Rainbows who meet in The Lizard got together for an evening of games, activities and cake to celebrate as we all meet on Wednesday which this year happened to be the 22nd February.  

The other exciting news is the Brownies entered for the seventh year running The Cornwall music festival, held in Truro, in the campfire singing competition. For the seventh year running we came away with the trophy!

Over the years our marks have ranged from 82 to 88. This year we achieved 87, so our second highest marks which gave us a distinction!  Well done to all who took part and sang their very best.                        

Joy Prince (Brown Owl) 290280


Brownies - news update: (added 26/02/17)

Landewednack Brownies have had a good start to this year so far. Our first meeting in January was based on observation games and also getting to know two new girls who had joined us from Rainbows.

The next week we had an evening based on newspaper, dressing up a member of their team as a pantomime character, tearing out clothes shapes to hang on a washing line and playing games.

As Burns night fell on our meeting evening (Wednesday) we celebrated with Haggis, Tatties and Neeps so that everyone could taste them. As the food all disappeared I assume they liked them. Each girl made a plastic cup of Cranachan (minus the whisky of course!) to take home.
We have two spaces in the unit at the moment so if any girl between the ages of 7 and 10 would like to join us they would be very welcome.
We meet at The Lizard Methodist Chapel on Wednesdays from 5.45pm until 7.15 pm during term time.
Subscriptions are currently £75 a year, paid at the start of each term, i.e. £25 a term. We hold some second hand uniform in stock or new items can be ordered through us. However we only ask for a £1 a week until girls are settled.

Please contact 'Brown Owl' Joy Prince tel: 290280.

Scouts (added 01/03/19)

Tonight at Scouts we made bird boxes using nails and a hammer to put them together. I really enjoyed this evening as we as got to take them home.
Falcon Patrol Leader Ashton Dickinson

First attempt at District Competition of “Ready, Steady, Cook” and 1st Lizard WON!!

Special mention about how good they were as a team! They cooked Chicken curry, rice and Chapattis, being marked on team work, ability to cook, clearing up and what the dish was like. They scored an impressive 145/150! Well done Percy, Harold, David, Oliver, Daisy, Brock and Amber.

If you would like to join in please get in touch. Any queries please contact p.colindickinson@blueyonder.co.uk

Click photos to enlarge, a little.


Scouts (added 25/01/19)

On November 24th we camped in the Barn. The weather was filthy but we cooked some brilliant food over open fires, went on a night hike to Kynance in the rain and had a wild pillow fight. Sunday morning was better weather so we did a spot of beach cleaning at Polpear before hiking around the coastal path. Thank you to Robin Ford who generously made some metal tripods for us to use when cooking over the open fires.

Click to enlarge

In December we went carol singing around the village including the Tophouse and Witchball. Amazingly we collected £60 for Cornwall Air Ambulance. 

Click to enlarge

This term we are working on our creative challenge (this article is part of the challenge), going on some district events including a weekend hike and lots of outdoor games.

By Harold, Patrol Leader 


Scouts (added 29/11/18)

Did you see 1st Lizard Scouts parading through the village on Remembrance Sunday? What a fine group of young people we have in our villages. 
This month they have been learning some useful knots, celebrating Bonfire night and planning a camp in the Barn at the Farm.
On December 12th Scouts are carol singing around the village, finishing at the Witchball. The scouts will be collecting for a charity of their choice (still to be decided). If you would like to join in please get in touch.
Any queries please contact Skip.colindickinson@blueyonder.co.uk


Scouts (From October Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)

Scouts have started back with 4 new scouts joining us and a new leader, Vicky who has loads of Scouting experience which we are looking forward to benefiting from. Making the most of the weather we have been down to Polpear and completed a beach clean as well as lots of games outside.
1st Lizard Scout group has been given a very generous donation of £253 from Annette of Seacure, from her sale of books and goods on the wall over the summer. The young people are so lucky to get such support from the community and we thank you all, the money will go towards some kit for our camping trips. 
We still have a few scout places for young people age 101/2 to 14 years old. Please contact Skip.


Scouts (From May Lizard Lives - added 17/05/18)

Tristan has managed to get a grant from Helston Rotary Club, which has bought 5 good size tents. The Scouts are planning their first camp with them in June and have already had an evening of learning how to put the tents up. April 22nd we went to Heartlands, for the St. George’s Day Parade. We received our Group flags that were dedicated in the service.


Scouts (From April Lizard Lives)

This month people in the local community with different skills have given up their time to work with the Scouts. We have visited Mullion Fire Station and completed our Fire Safety badge. David and John have taught some wood carving skills and are coming back again as we enjoyed it so much. We had a tour of the Lifeboat Station and learnt to respect the water and Bernice is teaching us CPR and how to use the Defibrillators in the village. The scouts are a great bunch of young people and are enjoying our varied programme and it’s fantastic seeing the group developing into a team. Thank you to everyone who has helped this term.
Rona Amiss TR12 7NL; 01326 290122


Scouts (From March Lizard Lives)

Scouts have been busy practising their survival skills ready for when the weather improves and they can get outside. We have been trying out Morse Code and safely using our penknives. We joined the cubs with a Sunday hike to Kynance where we had a picnic and lots of fun on the beach. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with plenty of pancake tossing and some outrageous pancake eating.
All the Scouts earned their digital citizen badge this month and we are still working on those personal challenges.


Scouts (From February Lizard Lives - added 01/02/18)

Starting 2018 off, the Scouts are tackling their Personal Challenge Award. There are 9 challenge awards in scouts that they do as a troop, while the activity badges, they do as individuals. To gain your Chief Scout Gold Award you need to complete all 9 award badges. For our troop personal challenge, we are working on 'Plastic Free Lizard'. From pledging to pick up 5 pieces of rubbish when they walk the dog, making posters, writing to the supermarket, doing the recycling and 2 minute beach cleans, the Scouts are all doing their bit to try and make The Lizard a better place.  Look out for some of exciting plans coming soon.  We are hoping everyone will support us to try and make The Lizard plastic free. 
For more information about the campaign please follow the link  https://www.sas.org.uk/plasticfreecoastlines/.


Scouts (added 23/10/17) finished their first half term with some very messy games down the farm (see photos).
1st Lizard Scouts has 3 patrols named Merlin, Kestrels and Falcon. Each week they are awarded points for inspection, winning games, team work and initiative. With a vague Halloween theme, the games included apple bobbing, mummy game (wrapping the smallest scout in toilet roll), fishing for jelly worms in squirty cream, doughnuts on a string and the hilarious ‘Tunnel of Doom’. Lots of sweets were consumed, but unfortunately the sprouts coated in chocolate were not too popular!
In November, hopefully, our uniforms will all arrive and all the scouts will be invested so you should see us on parade at the Remembrance service.
Rona Skip - colindickinson@blueyonder.co.uk


1st Lizard Scouts (added 29/09/17):

The new 1st Lizard Scouts has got off to an action packed start and we have an exciting program planned for this term. Scout meetings will usually start with an energetic game followed by an activity that may be working towards a badge and then finish up with another game. The activities this term will include First Aid and cycling maintenance as well as planning our first adventure at half term, a 20 mile bike ride on the Bissoe Trail. 

Scouts is all about working together to challenge and achieve safely while having fun, both for the children and leaders. It is wonderful that we are getting such support for The Lizard Village to give the young people such a brilliant opportunity.

Scouts meet Wednesday 7.30pm to 9pm at school hall. Please contact Skip if you interested in joining: colindickinson@blueyonder.co.uk

Cubs (added 01/03/19)

The cubs have met at the farm most weeks, where we played loads of fun/learning games; one week we used the Chinese New Year to inspire the fun, playing animal games and eating Chinese food, even practising using chopsticks! We also looked at disabled “grabbers” talking about how they help after operations etc. and played a relay game with them!

The last week before half term, we used the Reading Room, where we did a variety of group games and found places on local maps for their Navigator badge, learning about the “key” for finding local amenities, as well as working out the symbols for different types of roads. We also decorated biscuits for Valentines day.

For more information about joining Cubs, 8 - 101/2 year olds, do ring Akela 291208 for a chat.


Cubs (added 29/11/18)

The Cubs have been very busy trying out different foods and finding out where they came from; looking through the telescope at the stars; creating presents for people in the village; playing their musical instruments and learning new songs and dances, to practise for their Christmas play. 
For more information about joining Cubs, 8 - 101/2 year olds, do ring Akela 291208 for a chat.


Cubs (From May Lizard Lives - added 17/05/18)

Due to Easter holidays, we have only had two meetings, so not a lot to report for this month. The Cubs had a games night the week before we broke up, so that was busy but fun, and thanks to Tesco Helston we were able to give each Cub an Easter egg to enjoy.
Last week we took advantage of a ‘space dome’ which was based in the school hall, it was brilliant and the Cubs learnt all about space, galaxies, stars and black holes. On Sunday 22nd April, the Cubs took part, along with the other sections at the St George’s Day parade at Heartlands, where we received our new section flag and the Cubs that attended did us proud again.
Raksha (Alison), Assistant Cub Leader


Cubs (From April Lizard Lives)

The Cubs have worked very hard and have many badges already (see photos above). We have started looking at the World Faiths and the Animal Care badges; they both have a lot of work to complete them. The Cubs must look after a pet or farm animal for 2 months, so that will be fun! The Cubs made a ‘Thank you’ card for Sainsburys, who donated lots of items for our first fund raiser.
In the last couple of weeks before Easter, we are having a craft night, hopefully a night looking at woodcraft and whittling, and a two days camp in Redruth is planned for after Easter.
Five more Cubs have joined the pack and they have all, now, been invested.
Next term we are hoping the weather will be better, so we can get outside more!
Raksha (Alison), Assistant Cub Leader and Akela.


Cubs (From March Lizard Lives)

Update from the 1st Lizard Cub Pack – it’s been quite a busy month for the Cubs, we have had a night of cooking at Tregullas Farm (thank you Rona!), where the Cubs made pizza, burgers, salad, cakes and smoothies to try out. Then, at home, they made their parents a full meal, so hopefully a new batch of Chefs have been born! We have had a brief look at road safety, learning about the different road signs and crossings, a bit difficult in this village, but we have plenty of examples to show them.
And we have started the disability awareness badge, and the Cubs have been learning about the different types of support people could need to take part in activities.
We have also been on a hike down to Kynance Cove, which was fun, but muddy, the sun shone at one point which reminded us that Spring is around the corner.
We also took the Sixers and Seconders on a team building session in Redruth, which they all enjoyed.
Raksha (Alison), Assistant Cub Leader


Cubs (added 23/10/17) have had a busy few weeks - Night Hike and Sleepover, (see photos) walking from a windy, wet, car park in Porthleven following the footpath through some windy, wet, fields, on to Penrose, then to the Scout Hut in Helston, where we had Hot Dogs and watched a movie; most of the cubs were asleep for midnight. In the morning, they tidied the hall & played in a nearby park, after a lovely eggy bread, bacon and beans breakfast.
The Cubs have been training for basic First Aid, learnt camp fire songs and played loads of games.
We took six Cubs to the District Scrapheap Challenge event, to design & build a space alien, with two moveable parts (see photos); they did very well, although didn’t win this time - another chance next year …! We played Halloween themed games, bobbing apples, eating doughnuts without using hands, making shiny hats and toasting marshmallows.
Raksha (Alison), Assistant Cub Leader

Night Hike and Sleepover

District Scrapheap Challenge event


Cubs and Scouts setting up:

Our second meeting was held in school on Monday 15th May to meet Danielle (for the first time) and Susan, who is the District Commissioner. We had our DBS checks done and discussed the way forward and how we hope Groups will progress.
Danielle will be taking the school assemblies at Landewednack and Grade Ruan on Thursday 25th May.
And at Mullion Primary on Tuesday 6th June.
Mullion Secondary has asked for leaflets/posters etc. to give to tutors to pass on. So all is still going to plan in terms of the preparations for establishing new Cub and Scout Groups in the area.

Other Events (all at Landewednack School) are:
Wednesday 7th June - open evening; from 6-7pm.
Wednesday 14th June - parents only meeting.
Then, Wednesdays 21st & 28th June, and 5th & 12th July - Taster sessions for the young people.
Cubs: 6pm to 7pm;   Scouts: 7.15pm to 8.15pm
Fun things mainly just to catch their interest.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, please drop me a line on 07807 113145 / 290454 or e-mail tris.allerton@yahoo.co.uk
For more information on scouting please visit www.scouts.org.uk

1st Mullion Guides (added 22/07/21)

1st Mullion Guides have been busy as usual over the last few weeks. We have been on a Penny Hike around the village, starting and finishing in the Park. Many thanks to the team at The Galleon who organised 15 portions of chips for us to enjoy after our hike - very yummy.

We have also spent an evening designing and completing some Soap Carvings, which completed the Whittling Badge for many of our Guides. We have been missing Lark who has had to have some time off - she usually takes our photos amongst many other things, and we look forward to her return in September.

The following week we had a go at designing our own Street Art, which had the girls learning how to make stencils and a technique of paint application called Stippling. A lovely relaxed evening in the sunshine produced lots of lovely pieces of art that we put together to create our ‘Street Art’.

Unfortunately, our last week of term was cancelled due to the number of girls having to self-isolate. However, we are looking forward to the end of July when we are off for a ‘Day Camp’. Here the Guides will have a go at Kayaking, Fire Lighting and Outdoor Cooking, and have lots of fun. We will also hold our End of Year Awards and some of our newer Guides will make their Promise.

Guides is open to girls from 10-14yrs. To contact us for a chat please email us at mullionguides@outlook.com. Or check out the website for more information https://www.girlguiding.org.uk.

1st Mullion Guides (added 01/03/19)

Bolitho Shield Challenge 2019 - the girls competed in patrols to take part in the county wide competition especially for Guide units. Based on the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon, the girls had 4 activities to complete - a quiz, making a spectrometer, creating a spaceship out of junk and writing a story explaining Girlguiding to an alien! We had to give marks for each activity and the patrol with the most points will go through to the Division round in March. The winners of our challenge were the Kangaroo patrol and the five girls will now be developing their activities further and going on the represent Mullion Guides at the regional round next month.

We have had to say a fond farewell to Wren for a while as she is being stationed elsewhere for a while. We would like to thank her for all her valuable support and wish her lots of luck with her new posting.

We meet term time on Wednesdays and welcome any girls or adults who may like to join the District, you don’t have to have had any experience, just a sense of adventure & fun! Please see the website for more information and to contact us for a chat, you can email us direct at mullionguides@outlook.com. Guides is open to girls from all areas from 10-14 yrs – check out the website for more information https://www.girlguiding.org.uk


1st Mullion Guides (added 25/01/19)

Pdf here.


1st Mullion Guides (added 29/11/18)

We have been busy recently exploring some parts of the new programme as well as doing some of our own projects.  Many thanks to Heather from Bomber Queen for coming to show the girls how to make soap and bath bombs – they had so much fun and really enjoyed it.
A number of Guides came to the Remembrance Service at Mullion, a moving service and well supported, thank you to all who came.
We are now looking forward to the festive season and preparations are well under way for our Christmas Fayre on Saturday 15th December at Mullion Chapel. We hope to see you there!
We meet term time on Wednesdays and welcome any girls or adults who may like to join the District. You don’t have to have had any experience, just a sense of adventure & fun! Please see the website for more information and to contact us for a chat, you can email us direct at mullionguides@outlook.com. Guides is open to girls from all areas from 10-14 yrs – check out the website for more information  https://www.girlguiding.org.uk For more information about joining our unit please call Michelle on 01326 240041 or visit www.girlguiding.org.uk.


Lizard District Guides (From October Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)

We had a great Summer Fayre in August and raised in the region of £450 for the District funds which help us to keep costs down for parents. Congratulations to Carol Jones (Treasure Map) and Priscilla Harvey (Name the teddy) who were both winners. We would like to thank all those who came and supported us on the day, stall holders, members of the District team and the girls who came and lent a hand too.

In July Girlguiding UK launched a new programme which is really exciting and has lots of new activities, skills and adventures for us to explore. We had great fun looking at it all when we met up for the first time and are looking forward to deciding which activities to do this term. We meet term time on Wednesdays and welcome any girls, or adults who may like to join the District, you don’t have to have had any experience, just a sense of adventure & fun! Please see the website for more information and to contact us for a chat, you can email us direct at mullionguides@outlook.com. Guides is open to girls from all areas from 10-14yrs – check out the website for more information  https://www.girlguiding.org.uk


Michelle Tuckwell and Holly Paterson – Guide of the Year


Lizard District Guides (From July Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)

Download pdf.


Lizard District Guides (From June Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)

Download pdf.

1st Landewednack Rainbows (from August Lizard Lives - added 22/07/21)

The Rainbows have had a good term and are enjoying the fact that we can now all meet together.

We have been working on three themes and two of our Rainbows had done enough work to get a “Know Myself” theme badge and because they each have now done two of the six themes they have both won a Bronze award. Well done Elowen and Nevie. All the Rainbows will have gained a Skills Builder badge in this theme.

We finished our term with games on the Playing Field followed by a Promise Ceremony when 16 Rainbows took their Promise. These are mostly new Rainbows this term with a few who hadn’t been able to take their Promise before we went into the first lockdown. It’s lovely to have so many girls attending weekly.

Rainbows will start again in September. All the Leaders and Helpers are volunteers so many thanks to them for all their help each week.
Please contact me for any information.

Lynne Chandler 01326290681


Click to enlarge.Lizard Rainbows (From March Lizard Lives - added 01/03/19)Click to enlarge.

Rainbows have been working on their new themes and have already gained some interest badges as well as working towards the theme badge. Recycling has been a badge that Rainbows have chosen.

We also had a week decorating bags for the new badge books and they turned out really well.

Chinese New Year brought Chinese Lanterns and a chopstick game as well as Fortune Cookies and Chinese Whispers.

We are having a District Event with all the Girlguiding units in our District at the start of the Easter Holidays and the Leaders will be at the open Parish Council meeting in March.

Any girl who is five is welcome to join us – contact Lynne 01326290681


Lizard Rainbows (From February Lizard Lives - added 25/01/19)

Rainbows finished last term with three Rainbows making their promise and one Rainbow jumping over the Rainbow to Brownies. At the end of our first term on the new Guiding Programme eight Rainbows gained their Animal Lover badge and six gained their Family Tree badge. Seven gained both so well done for your hard work Rainbows. We started January thinking about some New Year Resolutions and relating them to our Promise. This term we will be concentrating on two themes: Be Well and Take Action. So far we have learned what to do in an emergency and we will be learning some First Aid.

On Saturday 19th January we were lucky enough to go to a private showing of the new Mary Poppins film — private that is except for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers from Kerrier Division. We had four screens at the Regal Cinema in Redruth and similar events were held all over Cornwall and in the rest of the country. All the girls had a good time and it was a great film. There will be a special badge for all who attended. Thanks to all at the cinema who coped with all the girls!

To start Rainbows you must be 5yrs old and we have some spaces left.                          
Linnet, Robin, Chough and Peacock


Lizard Rainbows (From October Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)

Lizard Rainbows have started the new term choosing the theme they are working towards this term as part of our new programme. They have chosen the Know Myself theme and will be doing activities and badges around this topic. For the first time Rainbows will have interest badges to work towards and lovely new badge books with all the information. This time they can choose from Animal Lover or Family Tree badges.
Rainbows are at the start of their Guiding Journey through Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers and hopefully some Adult Leaders may be starting on their way!
We have places for girls from 5-7yrs on Weds from 4.30-5.30 and are just collecting numbers for our Pantomime outing in Dec.
Contact Lynne 01326290681


Lizard Rainbows (From July Lizard Lives - added 08/10/18)


This term the Rainbows have been making and learning about caterpillars and butterflies. We have been on a mini scavenger hunt in the park to fill a matchbox with green and gold items.
We have also made tiaras and decorated cakes to celebrate the Royal Wedding. There were some really pretty designs.
Father’s Day gave us the opportunity to make cards and gifts for Dad. On 4th July we are joining with the Brownies, Guides and Rangers for a 4thJuly BBQ on the beach and we will finish with a joint meeting with the Brownies.
End of term will be the 11th July as many of the girls will be involved in the School Play on the 18th.
We look forward to seeing all the girls again in September. All girls aged 5-7 are welcome to join us.

         Contact:  Lynne 01326290681

Lizard District Rainbows and Guides (From May Lizard Lives - added 17/05/18)

Rainbows ended last term making Easter nests and gaining Easter Eggs for their basket by doing a round robin of activities. This term we hope to go out whenever possible and will be doing some new activities from the new Guiding Programme and asking the girls what they would like to see in the programme. Emily our Guide Rainbow Helper will become a Young Leader now she is 14. Thank you Emily for all your help each week. We really need some extra adult help with Rainbows this term so please contact me if you are interested, in helping occasionally or more regularly.
Thank you; Lynne 01326290681

1st Mullion Guides have just started the summer term with a lovely summers’ evening playing games in the park and discussing our plans and ideas for the forthcoming weeks.
We finished off last term with an Easter CSI Themed evening for the girls who had to find out who had taken their Easter Eggs and where they had hidden them. Thankfully they managed to work it all out before it was time to go home, or the leaders would have had to have eaten them! We are now busy organising this term’s activities, and summer camp. The term will include a trip to the gym, and hopefully the beach, deciding on our next Challenge Badge and a bit of outdoor cooking too. Guides meet Wednesdays during term-time, and we are open to all girls from the Lizard Peninsula aged 10-14 years – check out the website for more information and to contact us https://www.girlguiding.org.uk.


Lizard District Rainbows and Guides (From April Lizard Lives)

We are delighted that on Saturday at the Annual Cornwall Guiding Award Day, two of our District Leaders will receive awards for Long or Good Service.
Brown Owl, Joy Prince, as well as receiving a Region Compass award last Sept, will receive a 50 years brooch for having been a Leader with Girlguiding for that time. Well Done Joy, only two awarded this year.
Puffin, who has been a Guide Leader for only eight years, has taken on an extra role with Girlguiding Cornwall so will receive a Good Service Award. Thank you Michelle.
Rainbows have had a talk from ‘Cats Protection’ and learnt how to take care of a cat and what makes them cross.
‘Hedgehog Rescue’ also visited and the girls were thrilled to see and touch a hedgehog. The hedgehog was due to be released soon having recovered from ill health. We hope to see some baby hedgehogs later in the year. Thanks to those organisations for their work. In between visits we also planted seeds for Mothering Sunday and welcomed a new Rainbow. We will lose 5 girls to Brownies after the holidays. We are now looking forward to a chocolate event before Easter! Chocolate nests and an egg hunt.
After the success of one Patrol’s Chinese evening, the other three patrols have accepted the challenge to run an evening each and are getting their plans in place for after half term. They have also been doing some activities to demonstrate the meaning of our Promise. The younger girls have been doing a sewing project and the older ones cooking some macaroni cheese for everyone, and then eating it. Mothers were not forgotten and an elaborate card tea cup and saucer were made. We are expecting some Brownies to join us next term when they are 10.
Lynne Chandler


Lizard District Rainbows and Guides (From March Lizard Lives)

The Guides enjoyed a very misty weekend at Carnyorth at the end of January on the theme of animals. We were unable to see any birds! One Guide was even surprised to see houses opposite when she looked out of the window the next day. However we had lots of indoor activities to keep us busy.
The Rainbows had a very good talk from The Cats’ Protection speaker and she left some fun activities for them to do.
All four sections will be celebrating Thinking Day on 22nd Feb. Thinking Day is when we remember all Brownies, Guides etc. in all the other parts of the world. In some countries where there is civil unrest, Guides often play a big part in relief work. 22nd February was chosen because it is the birthday of Robert Baden Powell and also that of his wife, Olave, the first World Chief Guide.
Linnet 01326290681


Lizard District Rainbows and Guides (From February Lizard Lives - added 01/02/18)
Rainbows and Guides finished last term with a party in their own meeting place. The Guides had been collecting items for the Foodbank and the coordinators visited the girls to tell them all about the Foodbank and receive the three boxes we had collected over Advent.
We started this term with two new Guides and two new Rainbows. Three Rainbows had progressed to Brownies. Two Guides who are nearly 14 have started to go to the Ranger meeting on alternate weeks and will progress to Rangers when they are 14.
Each Patrol has chosen a different Go for It – a series of activities around a theme which the Patrols work on at the start of the meeting. These should take 4—5 weeks and each Guide must complete two each year to help qualify for her yearly Challenge badge.
Guides are going to the Carnyorth Outdoor Centre for 2 days for a weekend of activities loosely based on animals. We are hoping to take part in the RSPB birdwatch — weather permitting.
The Rainbows have also been learning about birds, made a bird feeder and tried to identify some garden birds. There are sessions planned on bees and a talk from Cats Protection.
We have one or two places left for Rainbows or Guides.
Lynne Chandler


Scouting/Guiding (added 28/07/17)
Kernow 2017 is an international Jamboree for Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Guides and Senior Section.
We’re planning a week long adventure full of activities, entertainment and opportunities to meet new friends.
The event is being organised by a team of volunteers representing Cornwall Scouts and Girl Guiding Kernowjam.
There is a visitor day (aimed at Cub age, but our Scouts can attend if they wish to), on Wednesday 2nd August, from 10am to 5pm, in the grounds of Pencarrow House, Bodmin.
The cost for the day is £15 per young person.


Award to Joy’s Dedication to Girl Guiding (added 23/10/17)
The Region Compass Award Presentation was held at The White Hart Hotel in Salisbury recently, when twenty-five amazing ladies and their guests were welcomed by Carole Pennington, the Region’s Chief Commissioner for Guiding, who told them, “Be very proud that you are here today, somebody has seen that you do something extra…. thank you for everything you do and be proud of all that you have achieved”. Amongst those ladies was our very own Joy Prince. When presenting Joy’s award, Carole opened her citation with the line “Joy’s dedication to Girlguiding is second to none ….”. Joy is currently a Brownie Leader and Assistant Leader with the Senior Section.  She told us that, whilst living in Coventry she had been involved with running Units in all four Sections and had made up her mind to give up Guiding when she moved to Cornwall.  But, she says, “there was nothing on offer for children in the village”, so she opened a Rainbow Unit and then a Brownie Unit and followed this with Guides and Senior Section!  Joy is keen for the girls to be actively involved in village life and to be seen at village events.  She  organises litter picking and bulb planting in community areas and makes sure the respective Units receive credit and publicity for what they do.  Joy works hard to recruit new Leaders and she told us she believes people are more likely to volunteer when they hear all the good things the girls are involved with.

A huge ‘Thank you, Joy’, on behalf of The Lizard Community, for all the hard work and enthusiasm you put into making the Guiding experience such rewarding fun for the girls, in and around our village.

Click to enlarge.


Lizard District Guiding (From October Lizard Lives - added 29/09/17)                                               

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides started for the autumn term on 13th September. We have four new Rainbows and four new Guides.
This term the Rainbows will be doing some preview activities from the new Guiding Programme which comes into use next year. There will be new design badges and the programme will carry on through all the sections as the girls move up.
Many thanks to Isabelle who did some fund raising with the Cubs in the summer and brought us a nice donation. Thank you Isabelle!
The Guides will be choosing their Patrols and this week will also decide which Challenges and Interest Badges they want to do this term.
Lynne Chandler


Lizard District Rainbows and Guides (From August Lizard Lives - added 28/07/17)

Rainbows and Guides joined with the other units for an excellent beach clean and BBQ on Poldhu beach. The weather was fantastic and the girls collected lots of rubbish!
On our final week at Rainbows four of our new Rainbows were enrolled and received their Promise Badges. One Rainbow jumped over the Rainbow and will start Brownies in September.
The Guides held a Family Quiz Night which was very well attended by parents and brothers and sisters. Afterwards we held an awards ceremony complete with red carpet, to present the Guide of the Year award, yearly Challenge badges and many other awards for good work during the year.
Next term starts on 13th September.
We look forward to seeing the girls and any new members then.
Please go to www.girlguiding.org.uk  to register your daughter or yourself.
Lynne 01326290681


Lizard District Guiding (From July Lizard Lives - added 25/06/17)

Now we are coming to the end of term and the weather has been good, Rainbows and Guides have been doing outdoor activities.

The Guides had a good weekend camp and although the weather was patchy we were able to get the tents dry before we took them down.

The Royal Cornwall Show was also dogged by bad weather but four Guides and 2 Senior Section members took part in the Messenger Service and were still needed to message the results to the Show secretaries as well as manning the Plant crèche. I was also there for three days on the PR tent and have only just got my car clean from the very muddy car parks.

This week we are going to the Granite Planet in Penryn and then we will be leading up to our awards evening at Guides with awards for Best Guide, Best Patrol and many more.

Rainbows joined with Brownies for the Chapel Lizard Feast Service and we will all be joining together with Rachel from The National Trust for a beach clean and BBQ for the end of Summer Term.

New Term starts on 13th Sept.

Rainbows 4.30-5.30 at The Lizard Chapel
Brownies 5.45 -7.15 at The Lizard Chapel
Guides 7.00-9.00 at Mullion Chapel
Senior Section 7.30-9.30 at Mullion Chapel – fortnightly

To enrol your daughter or to volunteer go to www.girlguiding.org.uk/interested


Lizard District Guiding (added 28/05/17)

Brown Owl has recently written about the Brownies excellent result at the Truro Music Festival and the other units in the District are really proud of them.

In this Guiding District we also have Rainbows, 5—7yr olds who meet in The Lizard Chapel.
Guides, 10—14 yr olds and Senior Section (Rangers) 14 yrs upwards who meet in Mullion Chapel.

This term the Rainbows have been doing activities, crafts and games based on a litter theme as well as working towards an outdoor themed badge. In this summer term we hope to go out and about as much as possible - weather permitting. At the moment we have 13 Rainbows so have places for one or two more. Any adult who would  be interested in helping with the meetings or even becoming a Leader do contact one of the numbers below or go to www.girlguiding.org.uk/interested to express an interest. Being a Leader is a good way to make new friends and lots of support will be given.

This term is a busy one for the Guides.  As well as working towards their yearly challenge badges throughout the term, this weekend we are going to an Activity Day at Nine Ashes Scout Camp where zip wires, climbing walls quad bikes etc. are on the programme. At the end of half term we are going to our own campsite near Truro for a long weekend camp—Kayaks available.

We also have a visit to Granite Planet planned and as with the Rainbows, if the weather is good we shall go out of the meeting place.

Some of our older Guides will also be involved on the Royal Cornwall Show where for 60 years the Guides in Cornwall have been supplying a Messenger Service to the organisers. They perform many of the extra tasks involved in running this sort of event. Girlguiding Cornwall have a stand at this event so do call in and see us if you are there.

The Senior Section has a more relaxed programme where they choose their activities themselves. They were recently involved with a weekend camp with other Senior Section units in our Division—Kerrier. This was to celebrate 100 years of the Senior Section in the UK.

Hopefully the Senior Section will help us to organise a District Party for all the girls at the end of term.

For information about any of the above contact
Rainbows:  Lynne 290681, Liz 240184
Brownies:  Joy 290280
Guides: Michelle 240041
Senior Section: Ellie 240408

Beavers (added 01/03/19)

Rob the Merlin helicopter pilot came to show us what he wears/uses when flying and the Beavers loved trying on his helmet, amongst other things and asked lots of really good questions.

Click the photos to enlarge them a little.

We all had fun learning about Chinese New Year, making special red envelopes that are given to children in China with money in, Chinese lanterns; they looked at different flags from around the world, learnt how to say happy new year in Chinese and most importantly tasted a variety of Chinese food including seaweed and drank green tea.

Our last week before half term, we had a great time making volcanoes, slime and watching what happens when you add Mentos to coke, diet coke and fizzy water, predicting what would happen and why. All the beavers took a carrot top home, to water and see what happens!

Another Beaver left us to go up to Cubs, “swimming under the dam”!

If your child, is interested in joining us, aged aged 53/4 - 8 yrs do contact Lesley - lesleyyellowbeaver@gmail.com


Beavers (added 29/11/18)

The Beavers started back after half term and have been busy; they have been working towards their world badge and made Diva lamps to celebrate Diwali and tasted a range of Indian foods which they all enjoyed.
The Beavers have been thinking about World War I and took part in the Remembrance Sunday parade, most of them their first and they did really well; I felt so proud of them all.
We carried on from that and looked at communication, they had to decode morse code messages and they used semaphore to send each other messages which was quite tricky.
We have a few spaces available at Beavers, so if your child is aged 53/4 - 8 yrs & would be interested in joining us, do contact Lesley - lesleyyellowbeaver@gmail.com  


Beavers (From May Lizard Lives - added 17/05/18)

Our last session before the Easter holidays included wonderful Easter crafts such as making chocolate nests, decorating hard boiled eggs, and talking through the meaning of Easter whilst playing in gloopy custard powder water & Easter bits. However, the most important time was the ceremony at the end when Beavers were all invested. Most had already learnt their promise and hardly needed reminding - what a super colony!
For the St George’s Day Parade, Rikki Tikki Tavi chose Michael to be our first flag bearer as he is an experienced Beaver with many badges. We will be losing a few, due to move up to Cubs in September, so if you have a youngster between the ages of rising 6 or up to 8, please get in touch to put their name on the waiting list!
If you would like more information about Beavers please email: lesleyyellowbeaver@gmail.com Yellow Beaver, Lesley van Kesteren & Rikki Tikki Tavi


Beavers (From April Lizard Lives)

1st Lizard Beavers have had a brilliant time getting to know each other and learn their promise ready to be invested. First the beavers had to choose lodge names, they are orange foxes, blue whales and green woodpeckers and are forming good teams working together on tasks understanding the true values of being a beaver - the main one is to have fun. The beavers made gifts and cards for mother’s day, they were challenged to build a bridge between two chairs just using lollipop sticks, straws, paper and tape; they did a fantastic job and it was really tense when testing if we could balance a toy car on them.
Our trip to the Lifeboat station on 20th March, was a huge success. We were told lots about the Lifeboat and listened to the pager noise, which calls the crew to action, amongst other information. Their fun trying helmets and wellies on was clear as was their good behaviour! (more photos page53). We are going to be making nests, decorating eggs, learning about Easter and going on an egg hunt as part of celebrating Easter. We have a busy programme ready for next term, working towards many badges and mainly having lots of FUN.
If you would like more information about beavers please email: lesleyyellowbeaver@gmail.com Yellow Beaver, Lesley van Kesteren & Rikki Tikki Tavi


Beavers (From March Lizard Lives)

The Beaver colony has had an extremely positive start, with loads of youngsters attending the taster sessions and really wonderful support from the parents.
We created dens, put up tents, made catapults, toasted marshmallows - making “Smores”, having learnt about the dangers, properties and advantages of fire; and sung some camp-fire songs, as well as having fun playing games and taking part in different activities.
After half term we will be preparing the youngsters for investiture, with a very positive full group already. We have had a big advantage, as support has come from our County Commissioner and area Trainor, as well as the Cub Scout leaders, who have been giving up an extra evening, each week, to get us started.
“Yellow Beaver” is an experienced Scouting leader already, having been part of a Colony before moving here. We are thrilled with all the parental help as well, so we will thrive and have a great time.
We hope to have all our Beavers invested before half term and have many other excitements planned, with plenty of games and challenges, as well as developing new skills and discovering developing talents! There will be Easter crafts and an evening walk, down Church Cove, to look forward to.
Yellow Beaver, Lesley van Kesteren and Rikki Tikki Tavi