There are many working farms in and around the village – the most southerly farm in Britain is the National Trust’s Tregullas Farm, where Nevil, Rona and their family live. Rona has agreed to write articles for our magazine and her first one appeared in our October 2016 magazine.

Storm brewing over Tregullas Farm

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Rona’s Farming Round Up News! (From 'Lizard Lives' magazine, November 2016)

Local farmers have been making the most of the dry and warm October, cutting late silage crops, planting grass seeds as well as starting the maize harvest in good conditions. Improvements in maize varieties means that it has now become an essential feed crop for dairy cows giving a high energy feed that farmers can grow themselves. The downside in a wet autumn can mean a huge amount of soil damage during harvesting with expensive repair costs in the following year and muddy roads, hopefully this year will remain dry until all is safely gathered in!

Prospects in farming look a little brighter with a low Pound helping to firm up the export of beef and lamb at the same time as making the cheap Irish beef that has been flooding the market become more expensive. This is putting some confidence back into the store and finished market, which has been long overdue. Milk prices are finally starting to rise, although slowly and maybe too late for many dairy farmers.

Grain prices have risen significantly, mainly as the UK has an exportable surplus of wheat and barley and we can offer competitive prices on the world market again. Rising oil prices, which also affects fertilizers, don’t look so attractive, but having a more buoyant trade brings many more opportunities. Not a recovery yet, but very much a turn of tide which brings an optimism to many weary farmers.

If you haven’t been down to Tregullas Farm recently, we have a little farm shop selling our meat, eggs and veg, Treleague Dairy Milk, Kennal Vale cheese and other local delicacies. We are open everyday from 10am, so do drop in and see us.

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Local cattle

Local sheep

Farmland in front of Beacon Terrace


View From The Farm (from 'Lizard Lives' October 2016 magazine):