St Keverne band Chough at sunrise on Easter morning by James Thirlaway-Price Sunset taken by Vivien from Lloyds Lane
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Welcome to our Lizard Lives website

This is a taste of our wonderful, unique village and what happens here. Please let us know what else is about and keep us updated with more information.

If you live in the village and have not received the new magazine through your door, then please let me (Sue) know – my details can be found in 'Contacts'.

Our monthly news magazine has lots of information, some fun items with a quiz page and interesting articles about the area and some of the people who live here.
And see some stories written during Lockdown by our budding young writers in the village …

The Year 6 No. 4 December 2021 - January 2022 Lizard Lives issue is now available here (added 23/11/21).

All contributions/adverts for Lizard Lives please email to: editor@lizard-lives.uk or drop into Chapel House. Sue: 290045.
Would you like an advert in Lizard Lives? £20 - full page; £10 - half page; £5 - quarter page; £2 - 3 lines.
Deadline - 20th of each month.

Landewednack Parish Council link
Landewednack Parish Council News

The next Parish Council Meetings will take place on Thursday 9th December 2021 and Thursday 13th January 2022, both at Landewednack Community Primary School at 7.30 p.m.

Mobile Library:
Lizard time is 10am – 10.25am on Wednesdays:

  • 8th December 2021
  • 5th January 2022

Please note the changes to the list of requested items for donations to the Foodbank and the list of things they currently have plenty of (see left).

Plastic shopping bags i.e. ‘bag for life’, would also be very welcome.

Thank you for your continued support of the foodbank.


Kingsgate Church, Helston
We are now meeting together on Sundays from 10.30am at the Old Cattle Market, (near the lake at the bottom of Helston). Please see our website for more details.
Phone:07468 527655

What is new on this site?

  • Magazine Year 6 No. 4 December 2021 - January 2022 issue added here - 23/11/21
  • Events updated here - 23/11/21
  • What's On edited here - 23/11/21
  • Sunset photos taken by Roy Stafford added to the slideshow above, 19/10/21 - “Our wonderful sunset, from the rear of our property overlooking Kynance Cove with Land’s End Peninsula in the distance.”
  • Parish Council News updated here - 27/09/21
  • Foodbank updated here - 04/09/21
  • The Lizard RNLI Lifeboat Station report and Lifeboat Visitor Centre News added here - 04/09/21
  • Where to eat and stay adverts (Coast Coffee Bar & Bistro, Housel Bay, The Lizard Football and Social Club and Polurrian Hotel) updated here - 04/09/21
  • Landewednack School & Little Lizards Nursery report added here - 04/09/21
  • Rodney Bewes This is Your Life 1978 - written by Phil Burgess - Part Four here - (added 04/09/21)
  • Answers to August Quiz and September Quiz added here - 04/09/21
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